Alleged Bezos Nude Photo Leaker Sues Amazon Founder For Defamation

The man who was allegedly accused by Jeff Bezos' representatives of providing graphic nude photos of the Amazon founder to news outlets is now hitting back.

Michael Sanchez, the brother of the Bezos' girlfriend, is suing the Amazon founder for defamation in a suit filed Friday in California state court in Los Angeles. The suit also names Gavin De Becker, a security consultant hired by Bezos, as a defendant, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“My client has chosen to address this lawsuit in court and we will do that soon,” Bezos' lawyer responded. 

Sanchez's sister, Bezos' girlfriend, provided a statement claiming: “Michael is my older brother. He secretly provided my most personal information to the National Enquirer—a deep and unforgivable betrayal.”

“Michael’s lawsuit speaks for itself,” the plaintiff's lawyer said.

The lawsuit does acknowledge that Sanchez helped publicize the relationship in an attempt to "get in front of the news" of the relationship. But his lawsuit raises allegations of a campaign by Bezos and De Becker to blame Sanchez for turning over graphic nude photographs, which Sanchez says he didn't do. 

People familiar with the matter have said that Sanchez showed the National Enquirer a below the belt photo of Bezos, but kept it to himself, only supplying the tabloid with other photos. The tabloid published photos of Bezos and his girlfriend in public back in January 2019, but it kept photos supplied by Mr. Sanchez under wraps. 

Now Federal prosecutors are investigating a hack of Bezos' phone and whether the National Enquirer attempted to extort or blackmail him over embarrassing photos, which Bezos claimed in a blog post last year.

The post also included an email from Enquirer editor Dylan Howard to Bezos' lawyer, where Howard described sexual photos of the Amazon CEO.

Sanchez says he denies giving the Enquirer the "many penis selfies". Instead, he claims he was a "target" of De Becker who spread a false narrative about the photos. The suit also claims that Bezos and De Becker peddled false rumors that Sanchez “was involved in a conservative conspiracy with high-profile political operatives” and the Saudi government.

The suit claims that De Becker used Sanchez's relationship with two former Trump advisers, Carter Page and Roger Stone, as evidence that he was working against Bezos. 

The complaint says: “All of these actions, including Mr. de Becker’s promulgation of the false information and Mr. Bezos’ refusal to contradict that false information, caused Mr. Sanchez’s reputation to suffer damage on a national scale, as well as causing him to suffer emotional distress,” the complaint says, seeking unspecified damages. 

For benefit of our readers and all parties involved, we have also omitted the Bezos dick pics from this article.