Fun can be fair too, on the Blockchain

Gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment that exists.  In the most basic form, you can create games with rocks.  In modern times, all you need is a die.  But although it continues to be popular, many people do not trust online gaming establishments.  In the UK, only 30% of surveyed players really trust their online casinos.


FunFair is about to change all that.  They are working on a fair platform based on Blockchain technology which as most know is immutable, meaning that it’s typically impossible to hack.  Computers can be hacked, but the Blockchain itself cannot be modified.  That means honest online gaming establishments can prove to players they are being fair, by using a form of transparency whereby they can publicly display things like prizes, rules, statistics, and more.


What’s also cool is they are offering affiliate and white label partnerships, so you can have your very own online casino with your brand.


Let’s look at some issues in the current market that FunFair is addressing:


  • Trust - A general lack of trust between operators, affiliates and players.
  • Competition – too many low quality offerings.
  • Lack of traction among younger generations - Casino games are not attractive to the younger audience. Younger millennials are absent as a group in the casino space.


It seems that the online casino has lost the ‘entertainment’ value as well, something that FunFair is going to bring back.  Games at casinos aren’t just about earning prizes, it’s about having fun.  It is after all, called gaming.  FunFair has developed interactive, interesting betting games with characters, such as “Cyber Hunter 2080,” “Astro Wilds” “Electrobet” and more.  The idea is that it’s more than a numbers game – something that engages users while at the same time allows them to win prizes, in a fair way.  FunFair is so fair they have trademarked the term “Guaranteed Fair” – what a great statement!


FunFair is bringing the ‘fun’ and the ‘fair’ back into the online gaming world.  They are also building a blockchain platform similar to what you have seen and more – a wallet for any of the casinos or games that you want to play.  Their goal is to sign up white label partners not market the business themselves, which is a b2b model.  This means that if you are an existing casino looking to go into the online space, or simply an entrepreneur – you can hook up to their system and get gaming! 


The team has bench strength and the experience to execute this to the end.  FunFair was created in 2017 by iGaming veterans Jeremy Longley, Oliver Hopton and technology entrepreneur and investor Jez San OBE and has since expanded to become the largest and most experienced team in blockchain gaming.


And the best part – it’s all about fun!  Blockchain has perhaps been a bit too serious in the course of development, in the opinion of many.  So here’s a chance to enjoy some fun games and win tokens too!  As we explained in the groundbreaking Splitting Bits – Currency is only one part of the Blockchain use case examples – there are many.  And FunFair is proving here is another, that’s both fun and profitable.