What's Your Lifeboat - Coronavirus & Titanic - A Photo Story

Is coronavirus the rupture in the bulkheads that finally sinks the fiat financial system? 

Titanic sinking
All photo credits The Titanic 1997 movie Paramount Pictures.

After the Titanic struck ice it took a long time for the ship to sink.  Depending on your perspective the fiat system may have struck ice in 2008.  Or was it in 1971 when the world left the gold standard and embraced fiat money?  

Even when passengers were told Titanic would sink it just seemed too incredible to be true.  But when the ship finally split in two there was no denying the fact.  If we are at that point now what is your game plan?

plans of Titanic bulkheads

The ship is designed with fail-safe bulkheads that will keep it afloat in the event of an accident

Yesterday President Trump promised “very very substantial relief” for the economy.

Engineer saying the ship will sink

More than three bulkheads have been pierced.  "The ship will sink."

The fiat system struck ice a long time ago.  We have been simply waiting as the bulkheads fill with debt.

People getting into the Titanic's lifeboats

There are not enough lifeboats

Most assets are part of the financial system.  How do investors diversify away from the risk of financial collapse? 

People in lifeboats

Everybody rows.

What is the crisis teaching us?  Self-awareness? That people, not governments create value?    Has the distributed ledger (blockchain) given people the means of creating their own value?  Is that what Bitcoin is really about?  What about Bitcoin Enhanced?  What is your lifeboat?