My friend Hal is an inventor.

I consider him a successful inventor because he has managed to position himself comfortably beyond the immediate reach of the rat race.  He is the rare individual who knew when to say OK enough. He is a down to earth human being with a warm and compassionate heart who dedicates his time to his family and helping others when he can. Like many here, he wants to live as long as possible and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Hal and I caught up about two weeks ago. Like all of us, he was busy keeping his family safe. We shared our respective strategies and I was not at all surprised that his technically inclined methods transcend the standard mask, wash and isolate repertoire so many of us are now trying to adjust to in order to "flatten the curve." These ideas are not intended to supplant the other important methods. Indeed, as I have mentioned earlier, in Hong Kong and other venues such as Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore, those simple methods were adopted early on with apparent, but nevertheless tenuous success. Vigilance means stick with the plan.

After sharing his ideas with friends and acquaintances many times, he realized it was time to put his ideas on paper for general sharing. He set himself to work and I volunteered to help with editing and dissemination via Zero Hedge. BTW, Hal is, in fact, a Zero Hedge old-timer. I know because this is where we met in the shadow of that other long-forgotten Wall Street fiasco that has a funny way of repeatedly rearing its ugly bailout mug at just the wrong moment.

It occurred to me that we are now being deluged with creative ad infinitum money printing remedies for all manner of market ailments, yet surprisingly little in the way of usable strategies for personal defense against the Wuhan virus (that's right, this is America, we can call it whatever the fuck we want).

I am confident there is an army of very capable medical researchers looking for a long term solution for the Wuhan virus. The sooner, the better. In the meantime, the rest of us need to worry about riding out the storm. 

The following is Part 1 of the inventor's efforts. Part 2 will follow shortly hereafter.

You will immediately recognize that the author of this document is a technically informed and detailed oriented person. Nevertheless, we have endeavored to present the content in good old plain English as much as practicable. Hal is sharing these ideas for everyone's benefit without any profit motive.

You are encouraged to read this paper critically and if you have any thoughts or improvements, please present them here in the comment thread below in a succinct straight forward manner. I can assure you that all positive contributions will be thoughtfully considered and if appropriate, incorporated in a subsequent version. We will keep the HTML link constant and will upload the latest versions. The document can be printed, viewed online or downloaded as a PDF.

This is not intended to be an invitation for an ideological or political discussion of the virus. The situation is rapidly developing and at this point, is what it is. So please save such inputs for the comment threads of my other posts. As always, I thank everyone for their thoughtful comments.

Take whatever precautions you deem necessary and workable in your own situation.

Please also bear in mind, that this is not being presented as a substitute for medical advice. Everyone is reminded to do their own reading and research and to the extent deemed appropriate, seek the advice of their medical professional.

I present below Hal's writing along with a suitable soundtrack for immersive reading...

Stay safe,


Note: There is a reference in Section 4 to Lugol's Solution which is defined here: