NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Is Fighting The Coronavirus By Letting Hundreds Of Criminals Out Of Prison

Today in more "outside the box thinking" from America's favorite mayor, Bill de Blasio - whose city is being ravaged by the coronavirus and is slowly becoming the epicenter for the outbreak in the U.S. - has decided to release inmates from jail.

About 300 inmates were released from Rikers Island and other city facilities this week in an attempt to stop the virus spread. Apparently, de Blasio missed the point where prisoners are actually already in quarantine, even if one gets the virus. They may all be in close quarters, but it's called Rikers Island for God's sake.

de Blasio commented on the non-violent offenders serving yearlong sentences or less that he was releasing: “Some have many months, some have only a few months, some have only weeks, but I’m going to treat this category across the board. We will move to release those 300 inmates immediately.”

It's just another stroke of brilliance for the NYC mayor who has worked for basically his entire tenure to de-criminalize - well, crime.

And why stop at 300? The New York Post reports: "The mayor said he is also working with the District Attorneys and New York state to release another 800 inmates. About 700 of those people were jailed on technical parole violations."

de Blasio continued: “I am saying across the entire population it is imperative to me that anyone over 70 and anyone who has one of those five pre-existing conditions, should be released as well.”

And hey - who says the man doesn't have a backbone? de Blasio is apparently not yet "comfortable" releasing those locked up for domestic violence and sexual offenses. Just give it another day or two...

We're guessing this idea is going to poll just about as well as de Blasio did during the Democratic primaries. 

And hey, maybe after these inmates are released, de Blasio can hire city officials to begin an initiative to make sure they are using hand sanitizer when they go to jump the subway turnstiles.