This is Part II, of my inventor friend Hal's ideas on practical preventive measures for countering the Wuhan virus.

Part I drew 37000 logged in views on the site and 176 comments all of which are greatly appreciated. The post can be viewed here:

You are all encouraged to read this paper critically and if you have any thoughts or improvements, please present them here in the comment thread below in a succinct straight forward manner.

I can assure you that all positive contributions will be thoughtfully considered and if appropriate, incorporated in a subsequent version. We will keep the HTML link constant and will upload the latest versions.

The document can be printed, viewed online or downloaded as a PDF on Scribd.

This is not intended to be an invitation for an ideological or political discussion of the virus.

The situation is still rapidly developing and at this point, is what it is. So please save such inputs for the comment threads of my other posts.

As always, I thank everyone for their thoughtful comments. Take whatever precautions you deem necessary and workable in your own situation. Please also bear in mind, that this is not being presented as a substitute for medical advice. Everyone is reminded to do their own reading and research and to the extent deemed appropriate, seek the advice of their medical professional.

I present below Hal's writing along with another vintage soundtrack for immersive reading...



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