CDC Doubles Down On Official IDIOCY, Despite Compelling New Science

In response to rumors that the CDC would change its idiotic position on masks, the CDC doubled down on its anti-life, pro cover-up-for-massive-screwups by our so-called "leaders" campaign.

This is particularly ironic given that a new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) shows that 6 feet may be 4 times too small.

The Telegraph explains:

Currently, people are being asked to keep a distance of around 6ft 6in when out in the community, and many supermarkets have now stuck lines of tape to the floor to ensure adequate separation between shoppers when queuing.


But the new analysis by MIT has found that viral droplets expelled in coughs and sneezes can travel in a moist, warm atmosphere at speeds of 33ft to 100ft per second (ten metres to 100 metres), creating a cloud that can span approximately 23ft to 27ft (seven metres to  eight metres).

A test by a Nobel prize-winning scientist shows that even talking can spew virus:

And see this:

Moreover, an infectious disease expert - formerly with the CDC - says that getting exposed to lower concentrations of virus helps you survive Coronavirus without severe damage:

Since masks greatly reduce the amount of virus which gets to your mouth and nose, wearing a mask will lower the concentration of Coronavirus you're exposed to, giving your immune system more time to identify it as a threat, and successfully fight it off. 

The top doctor in charge of fighting Coronavirus in South Korea - which has done the best of job of any country so far - says that Western health officials (I'm talking to you, US CDC and the World Health Organization) that say that normal people shouldn't wear masks are FULL OF IT.

And watch how the Czechs are kicking @ss:

Postscript:  Some people on the web claim that Coronavirus shelter-in-place orders from local governments and related measures are a conspiracy to take away our liberty.

I definitely do not believe that ...

But as Zero Hedge's stacking12321 notes:

When the curve gets flattened from wearing masks, the fascists will not have an excuse to take away peoples’ rights and control them. So if you love liberty, wear a mask.

So even if you believe that it's a conspiracy, wearing masks will help protect against the claimed conspiracy.