New Corona Virus Cure Found. Requires Blood Donation.

New medical research indicates they have found the kill process for the chinese corona virus...which has lead to a cure.

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If the new research is accurate, then in layman's terms, the chinese corona virus infects the red blood cells, and blocks their ability to collect oxygen from the lungs, blocking their ability to distribute oxygen throughout the body.  This also blocks the infected red blood cells from collecting carbon dioxide (standard cellular waste - CO2).  This is how humans breathe, and so the net effect is the virus suffocates the body.

The medical term for this result is Acute Hypoxia.

This also explains why some virus patients on ventilators still die.  When a critical volume of blood becomes infected with the virus, blowing air into the lungs doesn't help these infected cells to absorb oxygen.  As more blood cells become infected, the Hypoxia condition worsens until the body starves of oxygen and dies.


The drug touted by President Trump as a cure, Hydroxychloroquine, only blocks the healthy red blood cells from getting infected by the virus....but if the red blood cells are already infected, then the damage is done, and the body requires new blood (treated by Hydroxychloroquine, so the virus cannot infect that also).  Since the body takes 8 weeks to make 1 pint of new blood cells, the only cure for currently infected patients is a blood transfusion.


In the United States, blood banks are normally short of required in this case, the shortage has become acute.

If you are healthy, then you can help in 2 ways.

  1. Donate 1 pint of blood to your local Red Cross blood bank now.  They desperately need new donations.
  2. Donate blood every 8 weeks (remember, blood can only be stored for 42 days)


The average human body contains 8-10 pints of blood.  The body will replace the liquid volume of 1 pint donated within 48 hours...and fully replace the blood cells donated from that pint within 8 weeks.


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