Why Lockdown? Ignorance Cover-up Conspiracy or Trauma?

81,000 people are reported to have died from COVID-19, 21% of the average 389,000 global annual flu mortality rate.  If you accept what many experts are saying that there is a vast disconnect between the threat posed by the virus and the reaction of governments then a legitimate question becomes why such a draconian response?  Answers include:

1 Ignorance

2 Cover-up

3 Conspiracy

4 Trauma



During World War II children were sprayed with DDT to kill lice.  Sir Isaac Newton inadvertently killed himself with mercury poisoning.  Could it be that government leaders have over-reacted to COVID-19 through ignorance?  Mislead by computer models that at first projected 1.5 to 2.2 million deaths in the United States, did political correctness make it intolerable for even a single life to be lost?  Once China imposed lockdown, did the need to appear to be doing good cause a ricochet of well meaning, but deluded action?  2,500 ago the Buddha highlighted the role of ignorance in suffering. 


There can be little doubt that the world is in the midst of a global financial crisis.  The Federal Reserve has committed unlimited new money to support the financial system.  This completely unprecedented move is a sign of the anxiety the Federal Reserve has over the fate of the fiat financial system.  According to Bank of America last week $17 trillion, again, and unprecedented sum, has been committed to support the system.  (By way of comparison, $1.2 trillion was used to bail out banks and insurers during the 2008 Financial Crisis.) Could it be that COVID-19 is a diversion distracting people’s attention from the genuine financial catastrophe currently unfolding?  Are governments diverting attention away from the failure of monetary “easy money” policies that began when the world left the discipline of the gold standard in 1971?


Or was COVID-19 deliberately released in order to justify lockdown and greater control by a “Shadow State” elite?  Over the last 30 years David Icke has been suggesting the richest 1% have an agenda to create what he calls a “Hunger Games Society”.  One tool they use is Problem-Reaction-Solution (described at 8:20 on the video).  (Here is an alternative link in case of deletion from YouTube.) First they covertly engineer a problem.  They then enlist the media to spread panic in order to create fear, the currency of control. With enough demands for something to be done the elite then provides their own solution which furthers their agenda of control over the Earth’s resources and 99% of the population.

David Icke proposes the purpose of the shutdowns is to destroy the current economic system and ensure the population will accept a new economic order. The new system would be cashless with a single currency and run entirely by big business.  Small and medium size businesses, those being decimated by the lockdown would cease to exist.


In 1950 Immanuel Velikovsky published Worlds in Collision where he suggested the Earth was involved in a near-collision with Venus around 1,500 BC.  Even though many of the predictions made in the book, such as the hot atmosphere and presence of hydro-carbons on Venus were subsequently proved correct by NASA probes, Velikovsky’s work was immediately and violently rejected by mainstream academia.  In an attempt to understand the reaction to his work, in the posthumously published Mankind in Amnesia  Velikovsky suggested humanity continued to live in a state of trauma caused by the catastrophic events he described in Worlds in Collision and the subsequent Earth in Upheaval.   

According to analytic tradition trauma is characterised by two features: amnesia concerning the event and a simultaneous compulsion to re-experience, either oneself or vicariously through the transference of the event onto others.  Could it be that lockdown is another way people are compulsively seeking to re-live a trauma that has characterised human behaviour for 3,500 years?

The COVID-19 fatality numbers are evidence of a “flu-as-normal” virus.  Likewise, evidence for cataclysmic upheavals in human memory, such as the presence of 360 day calendars (Worlds in Collision page 327) are difficult to otherwise explain.  In both cases hard evidence is being ignored in favour of blind adherence to fantasy storylines. 

In 1950 academia refused the facts presented by Velikovsky because they would have reduced much of modern science in disciplines such as astronomy, geology and evolutionary theory to fictions woven to maintain amnesia over what actually took place in humanity’s past.

With COVID-19 the storyline provides the rationale for lockdown.  By believing in it millions of people are experiencing severe emotional, health and financial stress.  Yet because of collective trauma they continue to believe.