Food for Thought: COVID-19 and Annual Flu Mortality Compared

The mortality rates from COVID-19 compared to the annual flu challenges the view that government lockdown was to save lives.

COVID-19 figures as reported 14th April 2020.


United States

COVID-19 morality 23,604 compared to annual flu mortality of 42,000, 56%

New Zealand

COVID-19 mortality 5 compared to annual flu mortality of 606, 0.8%


COVID-19 mortality 61 compared to annual flu mortality of 1,255, 4.9%


COVID-19 mortality 919 compared to annual flu mortality of 504, 182%


COVID-19 mortality 119,666 compared to annual flu mortality of 389,000, 31%


When was the last time the world was shut down to prevent deaths from annual flu?

How close are the US figures to the 1.4 to 2.2 million deaths originally forecast by the White House that gave justification to the lockdown?

Percentages from Sweden act as the control sample because of their low level shutdown.  Figures are higher yes.  Are they high enough to warrant the shutdown of an economy and lockdown of its people? 

Every human death is a personal tragedy.  But people do, and continue to die. Since the first death from COVID-19 in late December worldwide deaths include:

Heart Attack, 4.4 million

Cancer, 2.4 million

Diabetes, 425,000

Suicide, 198,000

Food for thought.