We Stand at the Threshold of Two Futures

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by DeRisk
Friday, Jun 05, 2020 - 18:46


"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws." Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Date 2020.  Government and central bank excesses are destroying society, people's jobs, the financial markets and human freedom. This is ONLY possible because you still believe in the money they print.

We stand at the threshold of two futures.  The one that becomes reality depends largely on the money you use.  Government money or money owned by people without any central control. 

It is that simple.  It’s your choice.  Decide now.

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In one world people respect each other and their differences.  Wives and husbands disagree but still create homes and families.  Neighbours don’t see eye to eye but respect each other’s property.

In the other world government decides what people do.  They can enter homes without warrant, force medical examinations and remove family members without reason.

In one world financial markets are free.  People invest in companies and buy their bonds based on the fundamentals of risk and reward.

In the other world markets are controlled by central banks.  With their ability to print infinite amounts of their fiat money they enter markets buying what they choose.  Free markets are dead.

In one world people are free to travel.

In the other world people are confined to their homes “for their own safety”.

In one world people choose what they wear.

In the other world people are compelled to wear masks.

In one world people are free to work.

In the other world people depend on government hand outs.

In one world people collaborate in building their community.

In the other world people are told what they can and cannot do.

In one world there is free speech.

In the other world mainstream media has only one message “listen to the experts.”

In one world people use stable money that buys the same goods year after year.

In the other world the financial system is on life support sustained only be ever increasing injections of fiat money.

In one world people make mistakes, learn, create and prosper.

In the other world people are controlled by fear.


Who controls the money controls the country.  Your choice.