5 Months On – Where are the 28 Million COVID-19 Dead?

The original forecasts that locked down the US, UK and the rest of the world predicted between 28 and 56 million people worldwide would die from COVID-19.  Where are the bodies?

At 408,000 COVID-19 has now passed the average annual worldwide flu mortality of 389,000.  A bad flu year indeed.

Sweden, because it did not lock down is the control group. It now has 4,814 deaths attributed to COVID-19, three times its annual flu mortality rate.  Yes, we can all agree COVID-19 is a bad flu virus.

But where are the figures to justify lockdown?  Where is the predicted virus doomsday scenario? Sweden’s death rate is 0.05% of its population, 7 to 15 times LESS than the original forecasts. 

For the original forecasts to have been accurate between 28 and 56 million people should have died worldwide from COVID-19.  (Between 0.36% and 0.72% of the population of 7.8 billion). 

Comparison of COVID-19 forecasts and actual mortality

What if people say the low numbers are because the world DID lockdown.  Sweden has 3x its average annual mortality.  3x the average annual global flu mortality is 1.2 million deaths.  This is three times LESS than the number of people who on average die of heart attack since last December. If it was not for the action of government and the hysteria of mainstream media most of us would have hardly noticed.

For those who want to say “yes but we have only had 5 months of COVID-19 and you are comparing it with annual mortality data,” remember that flu in temperate zones is seasonal so the comparison works well.

Upshot: As I reported on 31st March, 2nd April, 6th April 15th April, and 14th May, whatever is taking place this year it has nothing to do with a virus.  

So what is happening and what can you do about it?