Gold Silver Price Forecasts vs Exponential USD Monetary Base Ramps

Infinite QE policies have exploded the fiat $USDs M0123 monetary bases. Long term Gold & Silver Price Forecasts thus have climbed too.

In the last 65 days, the US National Debt has increased by over $2 trillion fiat Federal Reserve notes.

The nation's debt is now over $26.2 trillion ballooning towards $30 trillion through the end of this year into 2021.

Much in part due to the now partially melded US Treasury and private Federal Reserve central bank's response to worsening economic and financial conditions.

Long term price forecasts for gold and silver, therefore, need updating as the financial powers appear to be readying to light this near ending super debt cycle on fiat currency crisis fire.


Gold Price Forecast, Silver Price Forecast, Long Term Calculations (June 26, 2020)


Here is the updated data set on this basic arithmetic as confidence in this dominant reserve currency prepares to devalue versus bullion. 

Just two months and four days ago, we released the following video.


Gold Price Forecast, Silver Price Forecast, Long Term Calculations (April 22, 2020)



Given the historic rhyme of monetary history, that every 50 years or so, the currency creators overstep their boundary, and the crowd’s psychological mind triggers a scramble for bullion. 


Often we live through eras of insatiable bids for gold revaluing sharply higher to account for the currency debasement over the multi-decade cycle (fear and greed driven). We are nearing the starting phase of another such phenomenon, likely after $2,000 oz gold is cleared in fiat Federal Reserve notes. Probably the supporting launching pad, for the gold mania phase to follow.


See the M1 red line going vertical recently, bottom right corner. It's up 33% since only a couple of months ago. So the prior Gold Price Forecast, Silver Price Forecast, Long Term Calculation figures I mentioned and showed on this channel a few months ago.


They needed an update.


See both the long term Gold Silver Price Forecast data sets at that link.


In this coming bullion bull run, the (Gold Silver Ratio) GSR will likely tighten from its near 100 historic high at the moment, probably down back towards its 2011 low, and perhaps beyond as the fiat currencies in question, all lose tremendous value to the foundational monetary metals of finance.


Look to the stem for the precious private monetary monies and stores of values that endure lifetimes.

The central bank of central banks (BIS) a few years back gave us some handy visual reminders of this.


Counter-party-proof monies are the originating bottom of these money flower examples. Silver and gold bullion will outlast every currency contrivance mankind can dream up here and ahead. I politely suggest we acquire them now, while we still can.