Six Ways to Gain Power in Uncertain Times

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Monday, Jun 29, 2020 - 11:46

by Joe Jarvis via The Daily Bell

Using advice from Sun Tzu in The Art of War, this video explains six steps anyone can take to grow their power, especially in uncertain times.

This is part of a longer report: The Trojan Horse: How (and Why) to Join the Ranks of the Elite.

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Never let a good crisis go to waste is the mantra of the elites.

In tumultuous times, their tactics have extra potency. They reach for more power.

But this is also when the elite are most vulnerable.

By studying their tactics, you will be more prepared to guard against, and counter-attack the enemy.

The current crisis is being used to exploit the masses. But it also presents tremendous opportunity to take the power back, and reshape this world.

Society is entering a new period of transition, a struggle that will reveal the elites of the next generation.

Now is the time to seize your power if you intend to be among their ranks.

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