Gold Outperformed Buffett and the Stock Market

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Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020 - 5:43

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By SilverBullionSG

SBTV discussed the future of money with Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report and the Orange Pill Podcast. As the fiat currencies crumble with extreme money printing from world central banks, the contenders of future money are increasingly becoming only gold, silver, and bitcoin.

Discussed in this interview:
01:27 Buy the dip in gold & silver prices?
06:40 Real vs fake inflation
10:11 Record increase in Global Gold ETF holdings
14:47 When the silver price makes new highs
17:47 U.S. Dollar to be replaced as a reserve currency?
22:09 This time gold is up but oil is down
25:02 Impact of a stock bubble burst on gold mining stocks
30:30 Allocate only 10% in precious metals? What about the 90%?

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