Dominion Voting Systems deleted SolarWinds reference from their website

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Tuesday, Dec 15, 2020 - 18:10

The Dominion Voting Systems website has removed the link and reference for SolarWinds from their platform. It seems that the Dominion Voting Machines are trying to hide their relationship with SolarWinds. SolarWinds has been the center of conspiracy since the past few days after the big hack. The Dominion Voting Systems are being criticized for using a technology firm that was hacked. These voting systems assist voting in 28 states, therefore being attached to a technology firm that was hacked is not good for its name.

Dominion Voting Systems website removes SolarWinds link

Previously, SolarWinds did not mention Dominion on its partial customer listing. However, SolarWinds maintained that their products and services are used all over the globe by approximately 300,000 customers. This customer base also includes all five arms of the United States Military. Reports also indicate that 425 of the customers happen to be United States Fortune 500 companies.

The loophole in the security system of SolarWinds software paved the way for hackers to gain access to the U.S. Commerce Department as well as the Treasury Department. The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency (CISA) stated that the Orion products owned by SolarWinds were exploited by malicious hackers who managed to secure access. The method employed by hackers also allowed them to gain access to the network traffic management systems.

Screenshot from Dominion Voting Systems website.
Screenshot from Dominion Voting Systems website.


In the last few weeks, Dominion has attracted attention due to how widespread its systems and machines are in the United States.  Dominion machines are used in major states of the United States. A number of witnesses have come forward to claim that Dominion products were connected to the Internet during the recent presidential election, raising doubts about security mechanisms.

The reason why Dominion Voting Systems removed the link and reference of SolarWinds from their website is unknown. However, if one connects the dot the reason is obvious. Dominion did not want to be associated with a technology firm that was hacked when it is already facing accusations regarding its security systems. today tweeted, “NEW – Dominion Voting Systems deleted the link and reference to @solarwinds from its website.”

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