The CHINA threat and the rise of Globalism

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Friday, Jan 01, 2021 - 23:28

By Global Intel Hub, Second Sight 1/1/2021 (Zero Hedge Exclusive)

The real multi-threat is China, not COVID or Russia.  Politics is no longer Democrat vs. Republican it's Globalist vs. Nationalist. 

The real China virus spreading through the West is not COVID-19 or whatever the PC name of the Wuhan Virus is.  The real threat to the current system is a virus of the mind, or memetic field.  This is the clash of civilizations (as a metaphor) that intellectuals have discussed for decades. How deeply are the Chinese embedded into the American consciousness?  In a recent leak, communist party members of the Chinese government were found working at corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, and others.  They have made high level political alliances (financed by bribery and blackmail) in the US with powerful families like the Biden’s, Rockefeller’s and many others.  In an article titled “Rockefeller family's connection with China:”

The Rockefeller family's connection with China date back to 1863, when John D. Rockefeller sold his first kerosene to China and presented his first gift to China missions.  The Rockefeller Foundation entered China in early 20th century when the West was moving toward modern ideals of evidence-based medicine.  The foundation bought the Union Medical School and renamed it the "Peking Union Medical College."

Let’s take a step back and contrast China with other powers.  Western Europe, South America, Japan, and most of the world operates their system in an open “Democratic Style” system based on a mix of free market capitalism and state sponsored socialism (welfare state).  Living in New Zealand is not so different than in Canada or Charlotte, NC, USA.  They drive on the wrong side of the road down there, and drink a cuppa (that’s TEA).  In China there is internet police, you can spend 30 days or more in prison for using or watching NBA basketball.  China has a domestic law that any technology or trade secrets must be shared with the military.  The ‘Chinese’ joint venture company idea is for the explicit goal of IP theft.  They are a hardworking, wise, intelligent people, but not innovative, creative group.  All this talk about how China is taking over the world, is mostly marketing by Chinese propagandists.  In reality, their high IQ engineers have a problem of building their own jet engine:

China faces urgent ‘unprecedented challenge’ to develop jet engine as foreign hostility grows

  • A senior Chinese aviation engineer says it is an ‘urgent political task’ for China to speed up development of its own jet engine
  • Access to crucial technology is no longer guaranteed due to external hostilities and China must become more self reliant

The mainstream media has even reported on this problem extensively, but at the same time claim it’s racist to name a virus after the town where it originated, the method used for the past hundreds of years (i.e. Spanish Flu).  Why are the US Elite protecting these guys? 

Recently it has been divulged that major news outlets like CNN, Fox and others have taken ‘private dinners’ and ‘special trips’ paid for by the Communist Chinese Government.  Places where it’s easy to exchange a piece of paper with a BTC address on it, or slip a hard wallet and the key into someone’s pocket.  One thing is clear – you don’t see these facts being presented in the media, you see the opposite.  Hiding the truth with false threats, leaving out critical points.  For example, it’s a fact that Bill Gates predicted the pandemic down to the week.  But they leave out the fact that the foundation (BMGF) –what an abbreviation- was funding gain of function research on Coronavirus which was so controversial, it had to be done in Winnipeg, Canada under the supervision of constantly drunk Frank Plummer.  Or that BMGF is the largest private contributor to the WHO, making the WHO basically a marketing arm for Bill Gates Vaccine Empire.

China is like a single Monopoly state run capitalism, whereby they can make a business deal with you in New York, but the IP and money all flows back to China, but in China, it’s a totalitarian dictatorship that’s totally Communist.  In other words, you can strike a deal with the Chinese government which tries to act like the world’s largest hedge fund.  In the Pre IPO industry, it is said the Xi monitors the ROFR on Chinese Unicorns and if he doesn’t bless the selling then the punishment is unknown, the perpetrators just vanish. 

The SEC has even warned investors about how toxic China is, because there are no GAAP enforced standards so it’s a Ponzi like environment.  Books are impossible to audit and standards are often breached.  Accounting firm Ruihua Certified Public Accounts was busted for cooking the books at hundreds of publicly traded companies and this news halted 28 IPOs that they were doing the books on.  The entire Chinese economy is a house of toxic cards, waiting to implode.  Their copy and paste model works well for t shirts but you can’t do that to the Jet Engine as we have explained, nor can you do it with Capitalism – it’s a complex system. 

The founding fathers of America were Geniuses, who were divided into two main groups; religious zealots and commercial speculators (entrepreneurs, investors).  Remember these were a group of rich white slave owners that said “All men are created equal.”

They could not have envisioned the genius at the time, from their perspective it was practical after seeing how un-optimal the Monarchies and Feuds (Feudal system leads to Feuds, right? FEUDalism is based on FEUDS) of Europe were.  In other words, the system in China is in many ways an honest attempt by the Chinese to copy the American way of life.

According to the FBI, there are 2,000 investigations ongoing into China:

Why it matters: He told the Senate Judiciary Committee last July that China is the top counterintelligence threat to the United States, with Russia coming in as the second greatest concern.

  • The FBI director noted on Wednesday that "there's no country that presents a broader, more comprehensive threat to America's innovation, to our economic security and to our Democratic ideas than China does."

So why is nothing done about it?  Perhaps it’s because there are thousands of high level officials such as Joe Biden being blackmailed, bribed, or bullied by the Chinese.  US House Rep Eric Swalwell was found to be compromised by Chinese spy “Fang Fang” but it’s not what you think, they say: predates the People's Republic itself, echoing tactics used during the country's civil war against a nationalist government that was ultimately forced into exile in Taiwan with the Communist victory of 1949. The idea today, he said, was not necessarily to exert control over individuals but "to prompt someone to be more sympathetic to China, to view China as a less threatening nation than otherwise."

So says the ‘experts’ who are funded by who to think in their tanks?  David Rockefeller perhaps, whose private foundation has an endowment of measly $4.1 Billion.  But that buys you a lot of public opinion, and a lot of people.  And it affords you some darn good research, such as their groundbreaking 1930 work on Eugenics, an idea that became so popular in Europe Hitler monetized it domestically to justify global domination. 

Again, my view is that we don’t know anything because since we are babies our brains are overwhelmed with disinformation saturation, which causes cognitive dissonance and limits our abilities to achieve intelligent objective thought, which is critical for any civilization. 

For example we don’t associate Eugenics with David Rockefeller, like we do with Hitler, but it was actually the Rockefeller Foundation that first did the research, many years before the Nazis:

Beginning in 1930 the Rockefeller Foundation provided financial support to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics,[26] which later inspired and conducted eugenics experiments in the Third Reich. The Rockefeller Foundation funded Nazi racial studies even after it was clear that this research was being used to rationalize the demonizing of Jews and other groups. Up until 1939 the Rockefeller Foundation was funding research used to support Nazi racial science studies at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics (KWIA.) Reports submitted to Rockefeller did not hide what these studies were being used to justify, but Rockefeller continued the funding and refrained from criticizing this research so closely derived from Nazi ideology. The Rockefeller Foundation did not alert "the world to the nature of German science and the racist folly" that German anthropology promulgated, and Rockefeller funded, for years after the passage of the 1935 Nuremberg racial laws.[27]

Among other things, the Rockefeller Foundation also funds things like the Council on Foreign Relations, which can only be described as a snobby circle jerk where clubby cartel members hire the top brains in the world for pennies on the dollar to create drivel not worthy of a 10th grade high school term paper.  Opinion hidden as fact, passive voice, passive aggressive manipulation strategies, and bad prose.  Its Vogon poetry, fortunately they don’t read it out loud. 

Most of this can be chalked up to marketing & advertising for their way of life.  After all, who are we to judge how other people live in their own country?  It has always been shocking to the rest of the world how the Americans will invade a country on the grounds of ‘freeing’ the people.  What if they don’t want to be freed?  Libya is a great example, where the people loved their benevolent dictator and lived well.  But when they start to influence the national narrative in USA, hack into systemically important computer systems, manipulate elections, bribe and corrupt high level politicians, that’s crossing a dangerous line. 

Even before the election, chip manufacturer Huawei was banned for use in U.S. government devices, but the policy could not be enforced literally across the board because the government can’t dictate what private companies do.  Basically, any device that uses these chips is a spy device.  There is no reason to use soft language or the famous ‘maybe’ or ‘it’s theoretically possible’ – anyone who has read Chinese domestic law or understands how the system works, there is 100% chance that all devices using Chinese chips are sending data back to China.  There is no other alternative scenario not in this Universe or the Multiverse. 

So the problem is that it’s a multi-lateral threat.  It’s Sun Tzu at his best.  Traders and Wall St. people can understand the Chinese strategy, common people including Silicon Valley cannot.  Patrick Byrne has summarized this best:

The greatest way to fight a war, in the Chinese way of thinking, is not to have to fight at all. That’s what they’ve done here,” Byrne said.  Byrne studied Chinese history at Beijing Normal University from 1983 to 1984. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese studies from Dartmouth College.  “Though we spend a trillion dollars a year between our military and our intelligence, national security circles … that trillion dollars we have and we’ve built, you know, things that can stop all their planes and their missiles and all kinds of things. But we missed the one they use, which is not a fight at all, not firing a bullet or missile at all, but taking us out from within. And that’s what’s going on.”

So if smart people understand this, why do they support China?  Are they just outright anti-American?  In a way, yes.  But the answer is much more complex.  They are Globalists.  They are anti-nation state.  They don’t believe in Nationalism.  They believe that people are stupid, and that it’s their job to make  the decisions for people.  The only thing standing in their way of global domination is a strong United States.  So even if Trump follows the rules and stays in the White House, they have already won.  In many ways, Trump is the perfect patsy to roll out global dictatorship.  It’s almost as if he was chosen just to “Be Trump” which would enable them to create the ultimate narrative in their problem reaction solution method of social control. 

Problem: Trump

Reaction: Trump is a liar, and evil dictator, and needs to be removed ‘by any means necessary’ meaning even if by force or illegally.  We need to throw the constitution out and legal system if needed.

Solution: Global dictatorship, one single Crypto currency for the whole world, managed by not one dictator but a group of 12 wise men (Swiss system) where individual nations have no sovereignty or rights.  All under the auspices of ‘saving the planet.’

As paraphrased by a leading think tank of the new world order, the World Economic Forum, “You will own nothing, have no privacy, and be much happier.”

To be clear, the Elite are using China to erode the US from within.  The cartel themselves simply doesn’t have the resources.  They needed to make a deal with China and it was a very synergistic partnership because China want’s the same thing.  They want US property, they want to expand their Empire, they want a seat at the table of 12 seats.  In exchange, China allows the Elite to do whatever they want in China (like release the Wuhan Virus) and it’s completely secret, China is a black hole.  Perhaps in the terms of the deal they gave China Hong Kong.  This de-nationalization process already happened in the European Union starting in 1990ish and culminating in 1999 with the Euro.  A country is a currency, without a currency, there is no sovereignty.  The Euro was great for European Elite’s and terrible for the masses, another proof of what’s going on in the U.S. domestically.  The same group of people, call them what you will, Globalists, has done the same thing in hundreds of countries.  The plot is the same.  First you send in the bankers, who offer you loans which would be illegal under U.S. usury rules, 20% interest and so on.  For billions of dollars.  They find a corrupt dictator and bribe him.  He gets millions, they default on the loans, and the bankers get the collateral, which can be oil, water, factories, or some other resources.  If the bankers don’t work, they send in the jackals (hitmen) and if that fails, such as in Iraq, in comes the US Army ‘Coalition of the Willing.’  We must remember that the US is not the brains behind this system, the brains and planners are the British.  The US is the muscle, the vast resources. 

So you see if this same plot was to be carried out domestically, a foreign power like China was necessary.  US military soldiers will never turn on their own no matter how much you pay them.  You can pay Americans to kill Iraqis, but never their own brothers in another state.   So for operation US Coup, China is the muscle, and the black hole where they could release Wuhan Flu and launch a digital currency:


  • China may be the first major country to launch a central bank digital currency or CBDC
  • The Chinese CBDC, named DCEP, will strengthen the position of the central bank and help to further modernize the Chinese economy
  • The DCEP will probably also be available for China’s trade partners, to begin with Africa
  • The DCEP may strengthen the international position of the renminbi to the detriment of the euro
  • The arrival of the DCEP should be a strong wake-up call for Western, especially European, policymakers

The Chinese are not innovators, they are being supported by major US and global interests in the technology and banking sectors.  For technology, Google has invested billions of dollars in Artificial Intelligence for the Chinese Military, and that has been flagged by Palantir founder Peter Thiel.  Goldman Sachs is playing banker for the Chinese, and they have been rewarded for their efforts being the first company to buy out their Chinese partners, being the first western bank to own 100% of their own Chinese company:

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is moving to acquire 100% ownership of its securities joint venture in China, deepening its investment in the world’s second-largest economy after partnering with a domestic brokerage for 17 years.

If you look at a single news piece such as the above WSJ article, you may not connect the dots.  The critical mass which tipped this to the point of alarm is the fact that in investigation of the election fraud, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to China.  China did not design the fix, they implemented it, they are the muscle.  They built the voting machines, supplied special paper ballots, and activated their US spies to disrupt the physical election process.  Finally, they bought Dominion Voting Systems from Staple Street Capital 30 days before the election, in a deal organized by UBS Hong Kong:

bombshell SEC Form D filing showing that their STAPLE STREET CAPITAL III, L.P. fund sold $400,000,000 worth of securities to global investment bank UBS Securities on October 8, 2020.  Note that this is a notice of sale of securities, it does not mean that a transaction took place.  But under the circumstances you wouldn't file a form D unless you absolutely had to (transaction is imminent).  We've downloaded a PDF copy should this vanish from the SEC's site on the Global Intel Hub Library.  Another piece of critical info we don't have - what is included in the STAPLE STREET CAPITAL III, L.P. What we do know is the rough size of the 2018 transaction, about $265 Million, according to a Pitchbook story:  Staple Street Capital has purchased Dominion Voting Systems alongside company management. Dominion is a provider of election tabulation services for state and local governments in the US and Canada. Funds for the investment came via Staple Street's second flagship vehicle, which closed on $265 million in 2015.

This accomplished a few things, it paid off Staple Street in a sweet profit on a multi-year investment, but it more importantly washed the hands of Staple Street in any wrongdoing.  It also clouds the ownership structure so no one can be held accountable.  Who the investors were in Staple Street we don’t know, it’s Private Equity.  But we know who signed off on the deals, Stephen Owens and Hootan Yaghoobzadeh (Iranian). 

You may be thinking at this point, where is the CIA?  Don’t we spend billions on intelligence in order to prevent this kind of infiltration?  It’s a valid question, but one needs to further understand what the CIA is and its origins.  It was a product of the global power shift after World War 2, a real Globalist institution.  The fact that it is financed by US taxpayer money is really only a financial relationship, part of the Marshall Plan.  The CIA offers no accountability, no transparency to its activities.  But based on what we see from the outside, the CIA is a private intelligence service that supports Globalism and the business of Empire.  The first example of this was in 1954 when a CIA backed coup overthrew the democratically elected Arbenz, who was swapped out for US backed brutal military dictator Carlos Armas.  Why would the US support a authoritarian dictatorship?  Simple, it’s easier to work with a single powerful dictator, that is basically a local Monopoly.  The US wanted bananas.  To this day, Guatemala is the largest source of US bananas.  In the process, the US business Elite got rich.  Blue blood Bradley Palmer created United Fruit company, which was represented by corporate lawyer John Foster Dulles, creator of the CIA:

John Foster Dulles, who represented United Fruit while he was a law partner at Sullivan & Cromwell – he negotiated that crucial United Fruit deal with Guatemalan officials in the 1930s – was Secretary of State under Eisenhower; his brother Allen, who did legal work for the company and sat on its board of directors, was head of the CIA under Eisenhower; Henry Cabot Lodge, who was America's ambassador to the UN, was a large owner of United Fruit stock; Ed Whitman, the United Fruit PR man, was married to Ann Whitman, Dwight Eisenhower's personal secretary. You could not see these connections until you could – and then you could not stop seeing them.[21][23]

The motto of the CIA which is engraved on the entrance to the main building is “The truth will set you free.”  It is true that they will take out a foreign operation, but only when it suits US interests.  In other words, the CIA is a business, which eliminates the competition.  This is done through fixing elections, sponsoring coups and revolutions, spreading pro-America propaganda throughout the world, and sponsoring bloody dictatorships such as Augusto Pinochet (Chile), Saddam Hussein (Iraq), and hundreds of others.  The list is so long, Wikipedia has an entire entry on “Regime Change” by the United States.

In other words, the Globalists have a history of regime change, but it never happened before in USA.  So the Globalists needed the Chinese, as a scapegoat, and operational partner.  As far as the CIA, it was not a purely American operation from day one.  The Americans simply didn’t have the experience in skullduggery, that’s a British game invented hundreds of years prior.  When Bill Donovan created the CIA, it was done in partnership with Churchill and Britain’s MI6:

 Donovan began to lay the groundwork for a centralized intelligence program. It was he who organized the COI's New York headquarters in Room 3603 of Rockefeller Center in October 1941 and asked Allen Dulles to head it; the offices Dulles took were on the floor immediately above the location of the operations of Britain's MI6.[45] 

The full extent of the CIA’s partnerships with foreign intelligence services will never be known unless the agency is broken up, because everything is ‘classified’ and whistleblowers typically have heart attacks or car crashes.

But the results of how the CIA works with foreign intelligence to create business is all public.  Another bright example you can read about in the book by Anthony Sutton Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution where NY bankers, Rockefeller interests, and even the Federal Reserve Bank provided money, supplies, and diplomatic cover without which the Red Revolution would not have succeeded in 1917.  This is hard to understand as it goes against the commonly taught narrative, why would Capitalists finance Communists?  The reason is because they became a single Monopoly customer.  Billionaires like Armand Hammer made large fortunes selling Soviets pencils.  In fact, the Soviet Union was a great customer for US weapons manufacturers, as outlined in the book “The best enemy money can buy” – not only did the US provide the Soviets with military technology (for a fee) – but the Soviet Union bought products like IBM mainframes, through proxy country Yugoslavia.  So you won’t see US-Soviet trade reported in official figures, because it was all done on a black market.  The point was that US bankers wanted brutal communist dictators because they were good customers without ‘problems’ i.e. human rights.  In the case of China, the side benefit is manufacturing without pesky labor rights laws.

If the CIA was in bed with China, it would not be surprising, and it would fit the pattern of behavior over the last 50 years. 

But the sale and purchase of Dominion is just one layer.  Many of the parts of the voting machines not only dominion but also for competitor ES&S are made in China (what isn’t made in China today):

"The voting machine lobby, led by the biggest company, ES&S, believes they are above the law,” said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., a member of the Intelligence Committee who co-signed the letter. “They have not had anybody hold them accountable even on the most basic matters.”  December 2019

There were alarms raised in 2017, 2018, 2019, all before the election.  And now during forensic audits, it is now confirmed that during elections, packets of  wireless traffic have been detected leaving the voting machines en route to Chinese IP addresses.  The conclusion of the experts in Georgia that were monitoring the systems during a live election concluded that remote access and manipulation was possible.  Someone was remotely reading and writing the Linux based operating system, in real time, as votes were being tabulated.  Furthermore, baked into the design of the voting machines, is an insecure file/server architecture whereby once the votes are counted, they are uploaded by the machines to an open FTP server via flat text file, a server in Spain or Germany, that was found to have no security (blank username/password)!  That means anyone with the IP address could not only change the votes, they could change the audit logs, so there would be no trace of them changing the votes.  Unfortunately there are not enough Computer Science majors in the world to understand how ridiculous this election fraud is.  Your free Gmail account has more security.

For a great resource on the technicalities of the election fraud see this page from Softpanorama (a software developer).

Not surprisingly, Bill Gates has ties to China that go back to his father’s law office having a major presence there.  Bill Gates Sr. was a partner in law firm Preston Gates & Ellis founded in 1883, with offices in Seattle, China, and Taiwan.  In 2007 the firm ceased to exist, and in that same year the Bill & Melinda gates foundation opened an office in China.  The manager of the office there Steve Davis, has ties to the Rockefeller Foundation and the WHO, also funded by Bill Gates:

He is a lecturer in social innovation at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and serves as a Distinguished Fellow with the World Economic Forum. He also co-chairs the WHO’s Digital Health Advisory Group serves on the boards of Philanthropy University and The Trinity Challenge, and sits on the advisory board or consults with a range of institutions and initiatives, including the Rockefeller Foundation, the New York University School of Global Public Health, Challenge Seattle, the International Digital Health & Artificial Intelligence Research Collaborative (I-DAIR), and the World Economic Forum.

What’s important to understand is the method in which the Elite rule the world; through NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).  Since the end of World War 2, the rise of NGOs has created a new type of Globalist shadow power that didn’t exist before.  Popular NGOs include the WHO, Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, the Clinton Foundation (Clinton Global Initiative), and hundreds of others (see this list on the UN site that excludes private foundations).

While NGOs like the Rockefeller Foundation aren’t listed as NGOs, they clearly are non-governmental sources of power.  They wield extreme influence by lobbying politicians, manufacturing public consent (Chomsky), and influencing the influencers.  Politicians cultivate policy advisors from these circles, and they are all connected.  It’s useful for the Elite because they provide a total cover to their activities.  In the past 50 years in America, transparency in government has been a huge issue.  Freedom of Information Act requests have become commonplace.  Campaign donations and even purchases need to be disclosed.  For this reason, most activities that wish to remain private, stay away from operating in the public sphere which has become extremely transparent. 

Publicly traded companies for example have huge due diligence burdens, and disclosure liabilities.  Not only are insider trades reported to the SEC, but they are publicly available by the SEC via RSS or API.   There are big data services like and who have made successful trading signals businesses just out of these disclosure requirements.  But what happens in BVI, stays in BVI.  For this reason, tax loopholes and legal offshore tax havens and other programs will continue to exist.  Of course, billionaire Democrats want to raise taxes – they’re never going to pay it.  If they really wanted to raise money for the US Treasury, the answer is closing the loopholes and collecting monies that would be due under fair rules, if the AMT was strictly enforced.  But the thinking of the Elite is to tax the middle class in order to oppress the poor.

Another point, we tried to hammer across in Splitting Pennies – it’s also counterintuitive to 99% of the population the mindset of investment banking.  If you have a billion dollars in your account, and you have a bank license, you have the ability to create assets at will – literally.  Banks in the United States are required to have an account at the Federal Reserve which means zero interest loans are just a phone call away.  The discount window is always open to a member in need.  Banks don’t want to get rich and they don’t want to grow wealth – they want to make their potential competitors poor. 

Take COVID for example – in the past 12 months, the Elite have raked in more than $1 Trillion in profits (individuals) but your average small business is struggling, broke, bankrupt, or somewhere in between.  Stimulus payments are literally the difference between real civil revolt and a continuation of the status quo.  Stimulus must continue to a battered and abused lower class.

The IQ of this complex system is impossible to measure it’s so high, because IQ is a bell curve averaged against your peers.  The Elite function as one group, even though not all of them participate actively in these games, they do not have peers or competitors.  There is not a single one of them saying “Globalism is bad, let’s go back to Nationalist Mercantilism.”  Perhaps Donald Trump, Peter Thiel, and Patrick Byrne are a few voices of the Elite who do not buy in to the standard line, but look at the reaction they are getting, an onslaught of crap thrown on them.

For 10 years we have listened to talk of a global currency system, some have speculated based on SDRs or Special Drawing Rights backed by the IMF.  Some have claimed that China would replace the US Dollar as the world reserve, frequently re-posting this chart:



The problem is that each of these nations were stronger economically and militarily when they seized the torch from the previous runner.  Currently, the US maintains global military and economic supremacy.  China is a toxic house of cards on the verge of collapse, a topic for another article – they are not a contender to replace the United States as the world’s banker.  They need another 50 years at least to hope to try, and they are not going in the right direction.  They need a solid legal system, open and free markets, advanced technology that’s home grown (and not copied/imported), and a track record of success managing capital markets.  Say what you will about the United States, the stock markets are the most robust in the world.  The Federal Reserve system, although it has created inflation and widened the wealth gap, has maintained stability of the US Dollar and enabled the USD to remain the only trade currency in the world.

So, in reference to this above chart, the only thing to make the US pass the global currency regime to another party, would be to lose a major kinetic war, default on the US debt obligations, and have massive damage domestically.  That may happen as the insane leaders in DC such as Neo Cons and other warmongers would do anything to make a buck, but it remains a small probability.  Without the US being defeated in a kinetic war – not an information war (that’s already happening!) – the USD is going to be the global reserve for the rest of our lifetimes – with one big catch. 

It looks likely they are going to roll out a new global digital currency created by the central banks, but the USD is going to be the primary currency in the basket.   It may even be called the digital dollar.  In other words, the new one world currency is going to be a derivative of the USD, and perhaps the EUR as well, but not GBP or other dissenting nations.  America can easily absorb countries like Japan, Canada, Latin America into the trade bloc if they wanted.  The seeds of this were planted by Globalist Bill Clinton in the 1990s with NAFTA, the most ridiculous anti-trade deal ever to be concocted.  Instead of buying tomatoes from the guy 20 miles outside your city, you will buy them from Mexico, shipped in by trucks (a huge majority of the tomatoes will spoil during shipping, for various logistic reasons, so they have created mitigation strategies such as GMO and/or picking them a week before they are ripe and injecting them with red dye). 

The Globalists have turned the world upside down and want us to thank them for it.  They created COVID and now they want to sell us a vaccine.  Hilarious!  If you can be objective and see the humor in it, one must conclude that the British at least have a major role in the design of this plan. 

Russia is the interesting wildcard in our current geopolitical scenario.  In the view of this author, they are the only country capable – and certainly more capable than China, of launching a global reserve currency.  Firstly because of their military power, which may be 2nd to the US but it’s 2nd in the world.  3rd place is far behind.  Also, they have massive natural resources, and a homogenous culture that they maintain strictly (unlike the Europeans who want to be a melting pot like the US).  Also, they are one of the only countries in the world not controlled by the Elite as we have been describing in this article.  Globalists do not explicitly control Russia, in fact they have kicked out the powerful Soros NGO in 2015.  But Russia has its own domestic problems and growing pains, a huge brain drain issue.  Russia is strong but has too many problems to solve to worry about running a global empire.  Also, historically, Russia has never been interested in Colonialism.  Their few attempts at establishing colonies sadly failed, including settlements in California and Alaska.

Russia is used as a scapegoat, fake villain, and fake enemy by US Elite’s in order to justify their means, such as getting rid of Trump.  As the evidence finally showed, Trump knows nothing about Russia.  Although he was entrapped and the FBI tried to bribe him, corrupt him, he always refused.  But Russia remains a major prize the Elite have had at the top of their list for hundreds of years.  One theory as to why many prominent Jews like the Rothschilds backed Hitler, was to support his domination of Russia.

In any event, Russia is not a player in this game – they have nothing to gain and everything to lose.  There is a reason that the Elite have blamed Russia for various hacks including putting Trump in office (it’s not possible that people actually support someone other than a Globalist).  It’s to hide the real enemy: China.  Unlike Russia that has no plans for global domination, China needs to expand.  It needs land, resources, etc. They say in China there is only one thing stopping it from expanding: The United States. 

The conclusion is frightening, there is nothing we can do about this situation other than spread the word.  Spinning the narrative on its head, basically – China is a serious threat to our way of life, and they are investing in a PR campaign saying the opposite.  The fake threats of COVID, Russia, etc. are meant as a distraction to confuse unsuspecting sheeple who don’t understand how the game is played.  Only knowledge and wisdom can effect change, revolution only replaces a brutal regime with a more brutal one (historically).  The renaissance was financed by de’ Medici, or in other words, Euopean civilization shifted from the dark ages to the age of enlightenment because of the financing of the Elite at that time.  Today’s Elite invest in weapons and social control technologies, rather than funding a new renaissance.  The contention of many in the ‘silent majority’ is not that the Elite should be tarred and feathered, although there are many who believe so; it is that the current trend of Globalism is deeply flawed, and will have more negative unintended consequences than they can foresee, even with their AI.  By pushing an agenda artificially, it’s putting opinion and bias before science.  They are ‘making’ the science to fit their opinion, rather than modeling optimal scenarios and building on that framework.  It’s going to be a disaster what they are trying to do.  As one terrifying example, using rNA ‘vaccine’ which is untested can have unknown teratogenic effects on your DNA, which means people can grow a 3rd ear or start to have an oversized foot.  It’s a complex system where zero mathematical modeling has been done and Genetic science is too new to make any speculations on what may come out of these grotesque experiments on the population.

The good news is that in the past 12 months millions of people around the world are waking up to reality, which is not as seen on TV.  Based on this, real change is possible, and it’s also possible that the plan of the Elite simply will blow up in their face.  They will lose nothing, but the world will be freer than before.  The other good news is we can stop wasting precious time and resources on b.s. ‘fake’ problems like “COVID” and “Terrorism.”

The China issue needs to be looked at in a number of ways by our institutions but more importantly by people.  Take a look at the next time you see China mentioned in the news or conversation, and bear this background in mind.  If you want to understand their thinking, read the book all traders have read:

SunTzu – Art of War.

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References December 18 2020

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The database reveals that hundreds of ChiCom Party members have been placed within China-related divisions of several companies including 3M, PepsiCo and IBM. 

“The existence of Party units within foreign companies in China is hardly surprising, given that the regime mandates any organization with at least three CCP members to form a Party branch,” The Epoch Times reported. 

“But the 1.95 million CCP member list, which includes names, levels of education, ethnicity, and the Party branches they belong to, was to date the biggest revelation on the scale of the CCP’s influence on international companies,” the outlet added. Biden the Borg 2: Sleeve Creatures Georgia Sen. Perdue blasts Ossoff over payments by China-backed 'propaganda' company: 'He got caught'  House Select Committee On Intelligence - The Pike Committee (November 6th, 1975)

Director William Colby testifies on the CIA's utilization of the media.