Is a Silver Short Squeeze Possible?

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by jhanders
Saturday, Jan 30, 2021 - 11:25

A short silver squeeze is possible indeed.

Check the video below for a few current and historical reasons why a silver short squeeze in all layers of the derivative and physical precious metals complex is possibly upcoming.

Today for you, ZH, I figured I’d show some damn respect for once and write directly for you instead of copying and pasting my typical ADHD written video notes

I spent the last few months reading through some loveable autist (DD) due diligence posts and WSB tard memes.

Creative and clever those youngsters are, we have reason to be optimistic.

Truly a pack of funny, self-deprecating savages intent on tendie moonshots and or dark humor loss porn.

I might have found a new financially entertaining bookmark for years to come.

Openly mocking mentally ill Wall Street riggers is a fun pastime. Like when alleged insider traders like Leon Cooperman are often too brain-damaged to skillfully speak in public any more. 

Another fun thing is to use any complacent rigged financial shearing systems to your pack’s advantage. Now that some of the WSB players have done so. Look out for more coming from the now nearly seven million degenerates and growing.

Personally, I still got some silver bags from 2011 showing a potential fiat paper loss, but since my 💎🙌 (diamond hands) are strong AF. I just moved onwards, consistently stacking silver bullion last decade, not selling squat, akin to how JPMorgan did.

Us respectively aggressively acquiring silver bullion, after their naked short silver squeeze scare got going in late 2010 and peaked in late April 2011 hand me the bag. I just took my mental beating as an inexperienced novice perma-bull would, and stubbornly hard hand stacked here.

Now that the momentum has finally and clearly turned in the precious metals complex, the endless ∞QE has now more than doubled the fiat Fed note M2 pile since 2011.

Once we get past $50 oz, get your mind right for the likely exponential silver price mania phase that follows.

Silver Short Squeeze History || WallStreetBets


65 MILLION OUNCES (ETFs + Reporting Gov’t Bullion Coin Mints)

^ Record SLV +34.4 million ounce silver inflow yesterday alone ^


Record Bullion Sales Creating Shortages

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