The Biggest Conspiracy Theory Ever? (Musings About the Ongoing Global Lockdowns)

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Monday, Feb 15, 2021 - 4:35

Many people that listened to my podcasts (subscribe at at the end of last year heard me state numerous times that I was tired of hearing people repeat, like parrots, that they couldn’t wait for 2020 to end to be finally free to move about in their nation and around the world.  Why was I tired of hearing the “I can’t wait for this year to be over” or “2020 has been the worst year ever” memes? The answer was that it was quite obvious at the end of last year that the global lockdowns were NOT going to be lifted in 2021, and that, if necessary, news stories of mutated versions of the virus would be artificially manufactured to instill and reinforce any dissipating fear and anxiety among the global masses. This, despite the fact that ALL viruses experience the phenomenon of antigenic drift. And what news stories greeted us in 2021? To begin this year, news headlines blared, “NEW, MORE DANGEROUS MUTATIONS!” that the ruling oligarchy utilized to rationalize continued lockdowns, just as predicted.

Those that knew I predicted 2021 would see no change or a worsening in global lockdown policy have asked me to comment on the end game of this total global economic destruction. So, what is the END GAME of these global economic lockdowns? Is to transfer wealth to the 0.1% as we all know that only the billionaire class has really benefited from the lockdowns?  (Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Tesla’s Elon Musk, credit card companies like Mastercard and Visa.) Is it to kill the poor? (The UN estimated hundreds of millions have been pushed into food insecurity and tens of millions may die if the lockdowns continue.) Is it to boost fear, anxiety, depression and learned helplessness among the global population, qualities that all boost compliance and obedience to the State? (And as evidenced by Japan’s launch of a new Government ministry, the Ministry of Loneliness to deal with increasing female suicides.) In fact, the end game, as peripheral goals, may include elements of all of the above. But the real end game is to quickly usher in the global digital economy and to terraform the global economic landscape into a completely digital one as quickly as possible. Why? Some of the reasons should be self-evident, such as the complete control over speech that a ban of cash and coins and a movement to 100% digital money would enable. In a completely digital monetary world, speak truth to power about any issue and the State will be able to completely and very quickly squash all dissent by shutting off the digital savings accounts of all dissenters, effectively starving them to death. Other reasons may not be so obvious and I discuss a more well rounded exploration of this topic in the linked podcast at the end of this article.

Let’s now discuss perhaps the most mind-blowing execution of these global lockdowns that will blow the mind of even the most avid fans of conspiracy theories. And even though this is pure speculation (drawn however, from historical facts), I would not be surprised that if in the future, in 2050, we learn that my speculative theory was on point. So here it is. The dichotomy between the West (the US, UK and also Australia) and China has always been a completely manufactured one to completely distract us from reality. The same, tired “divide and conquer” strategy remains so effective today because the truth of the matter is that so few of us know the real history of nations (as it is, by and large, not the one we learn inside academic classrooms). The reality is that plenty of Westerners have always conspired with China to effectively execute global goals. Those promoting the New World Order, like the WEF, and those that plan policies that drive the global economy every year in Davos, Switzerland have always been a mix of Easterners and Westerners, so the belief that there is a dichotomy of financial/economic goals that reside on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum is a belief largely reserved for the non-analytical and non-intellectuals of this world.

For example, consider the photo below of Sidney Rittenberg, an American citizen that rose to an influential position of power within the Chinese Communist Party under the reign of Mao Tse Tung. As the best argument to establish any point of view is to encourage one to conduct one’s own research to confirm facts, I would encourage all of you to research online the subject of “Westerners that rose to power in the Communist Chinese party”. Such a journey will lead to a discovery of other foreigners that  secured high-ranking cabinet positions in the Communist Party in China’s political history. Be warned, however, that when you research this topic, you will find a lot of rubbish anti-Semitic views as well simply because a couple of the non-Chinese people that rose to positions of considerable influence in China’s communist history were of the Jewish faith. Consider how insane of a notion it would be to Americans or British people if a Chinese national had ever been appointed as the US Treasury Secretary or the Chancellor of the Exchequer?

To easily squash the earlier referenced warped ideological view, one only needs to turn to the history of one of the biggest most influential banks in China today, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (better known as HSBC), a bank that was founded and always controlled by the British. The fact that HSBC still exerts a lot of power in China should inform you that the dichotomy between the financial goals of China and the West is a completely fabricated one. The wealthiest societal members of the West have a long storied history of working amicably with China to drive global financial policy behind the scenes while presenting a public façade of enemy discord. Though HSBC was originally founded by British oligarchs to launder the cash of the British opium trade in Hong Kong and in mainland China, and surely this was viewed as a hostile, enemy and extremely exploitative directive by the Chinese oligarchs, the fact that HSBC bank remains one of the most powerful banks in China, and is still fully controlled by the British, is much more revealing.

Such a situation would be analogous to allowing a man that had an adulterous affair with your wife to sleep under your roof every night. The fact that HSBC still operates in China, despite its ugly exploitation origin story means that the British oligarchs have reached some kind of agreement with Chinese oligarchs, in which both sides work together to forward the same goals. Can you image if the Bank of China had a history of laundering opium drug money throughout the UK, using the port of London as the entryway to sell Chinese opium to destroy the UK economy? Do you think there would be an ice cube’s chance in hell of the Bank of China still operating in the UK as one of the top UK banks today?

If this still is not enough to convince you that there are very well established and deep economic partnerships between the Americans, the British and the Chinese,  and that the Western oligarchs perpetual painting of Chinese oligarchs as the “most dangerous threat” to global stability is all for show, then consider the additional long and storied friendly history of top American politicians and policy makers in China. The US Presidential Bush family has so many financial investments in China, that after a 2004 visit, Chinese Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping told George Bush Sr., “You are our old friends. You are welcome to come back anytime in the future." Though this quote is very well-known, the “old friends” comment was overlooked or ignored by most, as Deng Xiaoping offered this open door policy to Bush Sr. in 2004. Recall that Bush Sr. served as US President from 1981 to 1989, which likely meant that during his reign as US President, no matter what animosity was presented to the public, the relationship between Chinese and US oligarchs was extremely amicable. In 16 years, long established relationships between global power oligarchs do not sour so quickly, as is the narrative being presented to the public today.

Long time US Presidential advisor Henry Kissinger, one of the wolves in sheep’s clothing members of the global oligarchy, is someone largely responsible for the “China is the biggest threat to global stability” narrative. However, perhaps this slip of Henry Kissinger’s forked tongue in this 2008 video, in which he stated that newly elected President Barack Obama’s “task was to develop an overall strategy for America…when really a New World Order can be created”, will expose Kissinger as someone whose commentary about foreign policy should never be taken at face value. By the way, today the New World Order initiative has not disappeared. It has simply been rebranded as The Great Reset. One of the most revealing statements in the above Kissinger snippet was that he viewed the ongoing global economic crisis at the time as a wonderful “opportunity” to use Barack Obama to usher in key elements of the New World Order.

Sound familiar? It should, because crisis opportunism has always been a big part of the oligarch’s playbook. Let’s rewind to the Washington DC, conservative, hawkish think tank Project for a New American Century (PNAC)’s report that stated that the process to enforce the US hawks’ desired power structure in the Middle East was likely to be a long, drawn-out one “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event- like a new Pearl Harbor”.  In hindsight, we know that less than a year after that report was published, the tragic “Pearl Harbor” like terrorist attack of 9/11 happened. This brings me, in this shadow game of “connect the dots” to a comment made by US economist Milton Friedman: “Only a crisis - actual or perceived - produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable."

So, here is the conspiracy theory sure to blow your mind about our ongoing global lockdowns. We know that a long-storied history of very close financial and economic working relationships exist between the West and China that date back not decades, but centuries in time (with the above examples only being the tip of the iceberg of all the numerous factual close economic and political ties that have existed for centuries). Let me now pose this question:

Could the viral pandemic that inspired Wuhan-like lockdowns around the world that destroyed the economic livelihood of hundreds of millions of people have been an artificial crisis manufactured by the West/East collaboration of oligarchs to drive global policies, specifically designed to usher in rapid digitization of the global economy that otherwise would have been a slow, arduous process absent this crisis - manufactured or real - but perceived by almost everyone around the world, to be real? In fact, in order to serve its purpose, it was likely better for the origination of this “crisis” to be in China rather  than in Lombardy, Italy or New York, USA.

To be crystal clear about the question I posed above, I am not stating that the virus is not real. Clearly, there is indisputable scientific evidence that has proven its existence. However, after much independent research, much of which you can find on my YouTube channel and on my news site, clearly, there is a mountain of indisputable scientific evidence, some coming from the CDC itself (please click here and read this) that the virus is not anywhere close to being as dangerous as the perception created by strict and continuing global lockdown mandates. If you learned that a bacteria was spreading in Starbucks cafes around the world that yielded a 99.98% survival rate in your age demographic, for example, would you wash your hands immediately after leaving Starbucks 100% of the time? (this question will make sense if you clicked on the above CDC link). Let me know your comments below, and please also let me know if you have ever given any consideration to the possibility that the Wuhan virus crisis was not simply of Chinese origin but a collaborative effort between Eastern and Western oligarchs?


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