Bert Dohmen Warns “Forget Global Warming – The True Danger may be Global Cooling”

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by Dohmen Capital Research
Monday, Feb 22, 2021 - 20:10

Founder of Dohmen Capital Research Group

“The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about yet refuse to investigate.” ― Dr. Wayne Dyer

Because of the winter storm disaster in Texas and some other states, and the “global warming” crowd telling us it is the result of not doing enough with “green energy,” I want to give you my thoughts on the subject, citing my research over the years. 

In our latest Wellington Letter (published February 21, 2021), we commented on the latest storm:

The power outages: Everyone knows about the winter storm that knocked out power for days in Texas. The news has been monopolized over the past several days. People are freezing and stores are empty.  It’s bad enough to have no power and no heat for many nights and days, but now other people who had power are getting their electrical bills. According to one article:

"One man whose average bill was around $660 per month, now got a bill for $17,000. estimated that to charge a Tesla would cost a person $900 [during the storm]."

This is the price paid for using an inefficient source of power, namely windmills. Aside from creating mountains of unrecyclable used blades, they are additionally killing millions of birds. How can this possibly be called “green?” 

Uranium is now being promoted as a “clean” alternative again. But they still don’t have a method to dispose of used uranium fuel in a safe way. They best they can do is bury it underground and let future generations solve the problem. 

Solar is the one true “green” alternative energy source, as I said in a debate with my high school science teacher more than half a century ago. If only half the money spent on bad “green” energy, like windmills, micro-algae, and other far-fetched ideas, were spent on solar research and efficient storage of electrical energy, the advances would have been much greater.

(End of Wellington Letter excerpt)

The term “Global Warming” was changed to “Climate Change” when scientific evidence emerged, and then intentionally suppressed, that a long term period of “global cooling” may be ahead. It could last perhaps 11 years, but could last as long over 30 years or more according to NASA. 

NASA’s research showed that the world may be starting a long period of “cooling” based on scientific evidence regarding diminishing sun spots, which is a sign of diminished energy output from the sun. This comes at a time that the science ignorami of the world have protest marches against global warming. Are the protests directed against the sun?

Link:  Amidst Global Warming Hysteria, NASA Expects Global Cooling - Mike Shedlock (

Why should investors be concerned about this topic? Because whether there is global warming or global cooling is very important; it can help forecast the areas of the economy, and the geographic regions of the world, that will outperform or underperform. Since governments and the masses are usually totally wrong in predicting disasters, we decided some years ago to gather evidence that Al Gore’s war on the climate was a hoax. When politicians go to such an extreme effort to convince the people of something, you can be sure that the only motive is MONEY. 

If the evidence we have gathered from sources such as NASA, and if “global cooling” could be the true long term problem, we have to consider the enormous effect on the economies of the world. 

With shorter growing seasons for farmers, there will be huge crop shortages. These already started several years ago. Agricultural prices will have a very big, long term up-move. Here is the chart of the ETF for agricultural prices, DBA:

DBA had a 10 year bear market. If cooling becomes more evident, there will be a rush to restock inventories. China has been a huge buyer of agricultural products. Do their scientists know more than our politicians? Highly likely!

Climate change is a long-term change. You don’t say the earth is getting hot just because last week there was a heat wave somewhere. There are about 8 billion people in the world. Imagine how long-term food shortages would affect them? There will be many other shortages of commodities as the world has to adjust to the new reality. 

Shortages produce much higher prices especially when it comes to essential food. Higher inflation triggers immense changes in the economies and the behavior of people. That affects prices of investments. Look at the changes produced by a coronavirus, which is similar to the flu virus. The problem was not the virus, but politicians reacting to it and using it to promote their own programs. The slogan is: “Never let a crisis go to waste.” 

The billions of people who cannot pay the higher prices will die, or resort to theft in order to eat. But if store shelves are empty, there is not much to steal. The social upheaval will be significant. Read about the last mini-ice age that lasted 75 years in the Middle Ages. 

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