Wall Street Bets Legit Learning About Silver

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by jhanders
Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021 - 22:39

Over that last now nearly two months, when the Wall Street Bets Gamestop ($GME) stock short squeeze story blew up.

An offshoot of silver-interested bullion buyers has emerged on a Reddit forum called WallStreetSilver.

Some of their growth, fun MEMEs, silver billboard fundraising, and other ongoings over there we have briefly been covering here on ZeroHedge.

If you are paying real attention to the silver bullion market in 2021, the WallStreetSilver story is one you have to monitor to have a real idea for burgeoning the forces at work.

The story is so big, the even still today, mainstream financial media like Business Insider have to cover it to stay relevant.

Wall Street Bets Silver Due Diligence end Q1 2021

This morning, I was happy to see one of the best young due diligence posters of silver information, successfully got a new post of his on the WallStreetBets forum.

And that has been hard to do given the amount of misinformation amongst their users and moderators on silver.

Currently, the WallStreetBets forum has almost 10 million subs, and in the late morning today, there were 176k people on it live, when I took these screenshots.

The due diligence (DD) post already had +20 views and will likely run much higher through today and onward.

It is posted by the Reddit user called TheHappyHawaiian (READ the whole damn thing there).

If you pefer audio, see the above as an accomanyment.

All the best ZeroHedge.