Federal Reserve Propaganda Hour Fail

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by jhanders
Thursday, Apr 15, 2021 - 22:09

It's that time again when CBS's 60 Minutes pretends to do financial journalism by asking coordinated preplanned "hard-hitting questions" to manipulate their mostly aged and elderly tell-a-vision viewers.

We've covered other softball public relations pieces that 60 Minutes has produced on this SD Bullion channel; you might recall seeing a short video we produced in early 2020 entitled, "JPMorgan Silver Crime Charges to NY Fed REPO Loan Ramp." 

Since that was video was published, JPMorgan Chase got off with a slap on the wrist fine by the Department of Justice and CFTC to the tune of less than 1 billion in value for supposedly spoof riggings precious metals prices thousands of instances over more than one-decade timeframe. 

If you missed that 17 minutes expose, you could watch 60 Minutes pretend JP Morgan was not a criminal recidivist megabank operating in broad daylight back in late 2019.

As we often do on these for posterity, time-capsule mockings.

We'll highlight some legit financial journalism provided by

A website owned and run by astute mom and pop Wall Street critics Pam & Russ Martens.

The following is their take on what they witnessed in this past Sunday evening's 60 Minutes CBS & Federal Reserve broadcast shown on April 11, 2021. 

The Wall Street On Parade post was published the day after the 60 Minutes whitewash aired.

It is aptly entitled, "Fed Chair Jerome Powell Goes on 60 Minutes to Present a False Narrative on Mega Banks He Supervises Loaning Out their Balance Sheets to Hedge Funds."

Federal Reserve Propaganda Hour on Overleveraged Unregulated Risks

There it is, in so many stumbling, preapproved fake journalist questions and financial propagandist's words.

Basically, no one is watching over nor regulating these commercial megabanks currently leveraging up and gambling with FDIC-insured demand deposits.

Over half of all unsecured bank deposit accounts in the USA are held with these derivative gambling bank casinos.

So you might seriously consider your counterpart banks of business before the next largest-ever implosion of Wall Street comes about yet again.

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