Political Divisiveness in a Competitive Landscape of Global Economics

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by Rational Egoism
Wednesday, May 26, 2021 - 20:59

While America is debating the semantics of Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter, the country continues to lose ground to its economic competitors such as China and South Korea. Not only does China hold debt leverage over the United States, but we are also beholden to China for their manufacturing dominance in the Global Economic Supply Chain, and now even Hollywood begs for Chinese financing to produce film projects because America is Military House Poor. We are a broken, divided country right now that better do some heavy soul searching and think hard about what really Matters in order to compete on the global economic stage once again. 

In this video we discuss the harsh reality of a divided America, the fact that the Two-Party System in this country is destroying America from within, examine the importance of a strong manufacturing base for America, and finally illustrate the giant wealth transfer of the last 50 years that has contributed significantly to America’s decline as an economic powerhouse.