How to Create a Free World: Enforce the Common Sense Rulings of the Portugal Courts

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Friday, Aug 06, 2021 - 6:45

Nearly all global lockdowns would cease if politicians applied the scientifically sound conclusion of the Portuguese courts in response to this ongoing virus. This is a fact, based on the most robust, best scientific data available devoid of all opinion and subjective speculation. With the continuing lockdowns around the world that is 100% completely disproportionate to the scientific facts of the delta variant virus, North Korean defector Yeonmi Park has chimed in, and compared the lockdowns as very similar to the early mandates of North Korean dictators imposed on her as a child on the way to complete brutality and tyranny. Her warnings mirror those issued by British author of the seminal book, A Brave New World, Aldous Huxley. Huxley issued the world’s citizens warnings to prepare for tyranny more than 60 years ago. Due to our flippant dismissal of them back then, today we suffer the consequences of our dismissal. It doesn't matter if you live in Brazil, Croatia, Lebanon, Algeria, Somalia, South Africa, Germany, France, the UK, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Canada, the US or are a resident of any other nation. The warnings in this following article applies to everyone of us.

Of course, the intellectual approach is not to just accept everything a defector says as complete truth, or to completely ingest the words written in a book published 1932 as gospel, because as humans, everyone has an agenda, whether we admit to it or not. But I urge all of you to listen to the above podcasts and then come to your own conclusions because the words of Aldous Huxley and Yeonmi Park are critically important to hear if you care about the future of your family, friends and loved ones, especially in light of the times and circumstances that have transpired.

In regards to agendas, I will freely admit that my agenda has always been to be the spark that returns the world to sound money and to free humanity from the shackles of a morally unjust fractional reserve, fiat currency system, and for doing so, I have already paid a heavy price, with the tech and banking giants successfully shuttering my first entrepreneurial business after more than a decade long successful run. But from the death of my first company, I will rise up to strike against these tyrants from a strong, reinforced position of defiance when I launch my online academy, skwealthacademy. My academy will reveal valuable knowledge never taught at any level, from grade school to post-graduate work, inside any classroom in the entire world. Furthermore, all knowledge contained in my courses will be applicable in the real world to improve the quality of our lives, unlike most information dispensed in institutional academia today. Just listen to Yeonmi Park's savage deconstruction of the value of her Ivy League Columbia University "education" in the above podcast. In my academy coursework, I will expose these bankers and oligarchs for who they are, and the mechanisms by which they maintain financial control over us, as well as offer real strategies and solutions to successfully counter their mechanisms  and platforms to build sustainable wealth.

Note that everyone that supports the tyrannical lockdown policies of Premiers Dan Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian in the Victoria and New South Wales states of Australia have fallen victim to the oligarchical strategy of fear mongering based not upon new deaths from the virus, but of exploding infection numbers. Before you fall victim to these exploding infection numbers being jammed down our throats by the oligarchs, you should know this. Scientists have conducted several studies and written several reputable papers, using robust control groups, and have concluded that PCR tests using over 35 Ct (cycle thresholds) yield only 3% accuracy in test results for infection. Knowing this, why in the world would any government continue to use a test in a manner that yields potentially 97% false results to report exploding infection rates? I will leave that logical conclusion up to you.

In Portugal , Judges Margarida Ramos de Almeida and Ana Paramés ruled, in November of 2020, that from that point forward, it would be illegal and unconstitutional to quarantine any person in Portugal, citizen, resident and tourist, if the basis for their "infected" status is a PCR test used at a greater than a 25 cycle threshold because even test results of a PCR test at 26, 27, 28 Cts were, in their words, 100% "unreliable". Yet, the United States continues to diagnose citizens as "infected" routinely using Cts above 30. Is science to be completely dismissed for the sake of political gain and power?

Furthermore, the ruling of the Portuguese judges was based not on just one, but on several extremely robust and credible scientific studies published in medical journals that all yielded the above conclusions. If you want to read the study yourself and their judgements, before formulating an opinion, as is the intelligent process by which to reach a conclusion, you can do so here and here. And to ensure absolutely nothing is lost in translation, for native Portuguese speakers, here is the Portuguese transcript of their ruling and reasons why they banned PCR tests with Cts above 25 as a credible source for an infection diagnosis to legally enforce a quarantine mandate against any person that sets foot on soil in the nation of Portugal.

Judge Ramos de Almeida and Judge Paramés
vociferously stated, in their ruling:

“Based on the currently available scientific evidence this test [the RT-PCR test] is in and of itself unable to determine beyond reasonable doubt that positivity in fact corresponds to infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, for several reasons, among which two are paramount (to which one would need to add the issue of the gold standard, which, due to that issue’s specificity, will not be considered here): the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used; the test’s reliability depends on the viral load present.”

In NSW, Australia, State authorities reported 1,591 infections in the past week to justify recurring lockdowns inside the state. However, the pertinent questions are the following:

Does credible science (and not “science” forwarded by oligarchs that often is only propaganda), justify the harsh conditions of the mandated and ordered lockdowns?

What if all infections in NSW and Victoria were diagnosed with a PCR Ct >25 or even >30? Extremely credible scientific studies have informed us that such tests will yield a 97% rate of false diagnosis.

What if only 3% of the infection diagnoses forwarded in the last week by the media were correct? Three percent of the reported infectious roaming the streets of NSW equates to just 48 infected people, a figure that doesn't quite do the trick of instilling mindless fear in the population. 1,591 infections in one week sounds much better. And finally,

What if politicians focused their responses not on infections based upon a potentially completely inaccurate cycle threshold, but on the much more logical data of deaths only? Would Australians continue to be fearful of this virus?

In my research, I uncovered this link in which a doctor stated that most PCR tests conducted nationwide in Australia were conducted at 35 to 40 Cts, and this link, which provides a link to an Australian government document stating that 35 to 45 Cts was the norm for PCR testing In Australia, both of which the Portuguese judges ruled as completely invalid for diagnosing infection. But God forbid anyone has access to scientifically robust information to counter the fear mongering of the oligarchs. North Korean defector Yeonmi Park stated that fear mongering has always been a common tactic of the oligarchs in North Korea to split and divide citizens, make them much more compliant and controllable and to seize more power. So it seems fairly reasonable, given the above hard scientific facts, to report that the vast majority of infections being used by Berejiklian and Andrews to lockdown Victoria and NSW are based upon completely faulty data.

Furthermore, what if we concentrated on what people really should be afraid of - deaths - versus almost-guaranteed faulty infection data? Yes, this seems to be common sense, but common sense seems to be quite scarce in the world these days. On 4 October, 2020, Australia reported 894 deaths in the ENTIRE nation. As of 1 August 2021, the entire nation of Australia reported....wait for astounding testament to the political forwarded narrative about the lethal nature of the delta strain - 924 deaths.
Consequently, due to an additional 31 deaths over the past nine months, or an average of just 3.4 deaths per month for the entire nation, Premiers Dan Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian's feel completely validated to enforce astonishingly destructive lockdown policies that continue to devastate Australian businesses and families' financial livelihoods. And by the way, when you listen to the above Yeonmi Park podcast, you will hear her voice an important opinion about why she believes Australian citizens are handcuffed in their ability to fight back and defy tyranny in the homeland that is coming from within, and not from outside, national borders.


It should be mind-blowing that if the legal standard of Portugal quarantines were enforced as the Gold Standard in the international community, for which there is a strong moral argument that it should be, dozens of nations’ politicians, right now, would be completely in violation of the law in their mandated lockdowns and subject to imprisonment for violating international law.

Aldous Huxley warned us of the blueprint that oligarchs in the UK were using in the 1960s that were already succeeding in convincing the serfs to love their servitude to the oligarchs by acting as surveillance and monitoring agents for an oppressive oligarchy. We completely ignored his warnings and that has led us to our current circumstances today. Today, North Korean defectors warn us that the lockdown policies they observe today mirror the less brutal policies of the burgeoning brutal North Korean regime while its citizens still had a chance to revolt against them. The citizens remained silent and for their silence, they are permanently locked down under complete brutality with zero hope in North Korea today.

I have always stated that I will NEVER cower in silence to speak out for issues of humanity, compassion, love, liberty and justice, even when it causes more hardships in my life, such as the death of my beloved first business. Vaclav Havel, a famous dissident in his native country of Czechoslovakia before his nation descended into a brutal communist regime, also warned us in his essay "The Power of the Powerless" of the following:
if humanity remains silent for fear of negative consequences to one's personal life while one still has the chance to unite in defiance for the better good of everyone's future, then humanity deserves the bleak future they are guaranteed to receive by being silent when defiance was still possible.

We are at the Rubicon now. What choice will you make? Will you side with humanity or will you side, in tacit complicity, with the ruling oligarchs? If you have a child or plan to have children, will you be able to look that child in his or her eyes, and tell him or her that you did everything you could to make the world a better place for him or her? These are all very tough, but even more important questions that we all need to ask of ourselves, not tomorrow, and especially not in five years by which time it will be too late to ask these questions give our current path. We need to ask ourselves these questions right now. Right now.

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Finally, if you finish reading this article, and it concerns you, do not just click away. Send this article to every single person you know. Awareness and education is the mechanism by which we can turn around the destructive path upon which we are being led by the global oligarchs. It takes not just words to create a better future, but action, Please be a member of those willing to take action. Bless up and Godspeed.

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