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by williambanzai7
Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021 - 5:50

Look, I know you are all wondering about the private jets. No worries. Evidently, those were all carbon neutral bullshit powered jets.

[Credit: The Vineyard Gazette, August 9]

And speaking of bullshit, two of the universe’s biggest most expert bloviating bullshit artists were on hand to talk shop.

Meanwhile, everyone’s least favorite psychopath, Dr Wuhan and his feckless CDC protege Dr Lois Lame, were busy emulating human emotion.

Keep your eye on the road Doc! You might run over a Pangolin...

And speaking of Dr Wuhan's proteges...meanwhile back at the jab/lab...

Now watch this...Something to think about. I certainly would love to see this guy in a public debate with Fauci. Maybe we could get to the bottom of the cesspool.


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