NoT My FauLT...

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by williambanzai7
Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021 - 12:20

I don't particularly care what this senile old clown has to say about the graveyard of empire and the end of nation building. Whatever he says is a lie. Otherwise we'd be pulling out of all the other places we occupy illegally or by false pretext in the name of freedom fries. Ours is an empire of fries and lies.

The decision to pullout was made by the last President. This dingbat's job was to roll up and roll everyone out safely. In this he has failed miserably. This will have broad repercussions, humanitarian and strategic.

But it is particularly hard watching the children, who are too young to know what or why, running along in the fear struck mob.

Not my fault huh? Shame on you you old coot!

And stop wearing bomber jackets and aviator sun glasses pretending to be some kind of woke top gun. You got your deferrals just like the rest of the neo-clowns responsible for this yet another sh*t show.

You are a f**king national embarrassment.