GOLD PRICE in Top 20 Fiat Currencies Around the World

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Saturday, Aug 28, 2021 - 8:49

The next era of new record gold prices in many of the largest fiat currencies and fiat FX trades is not far away.

See for yourself in our SD Bullion Market Update video below.

GOLD PRICE Around the World 2021

We ended this week with the fiat Federal Reserve saying next to nothing of market-moving importance at the annual Jackson Hole meeting.

In yet more signs of a more multipolar world order upcoming, this past week, Saudi Arabia and Russia announced signing a new military agreement "aimed at developing joint military cooperation between the two countries."

For the last nearly 50 years, the US has mainly been the supplier of military hardware and protection for the House of Saudi in return for pricing their crude oil exports in fiat Federal Reserve notes and funneling much of their net profits into bonds or US treasury IOUs.

It appears after seeing how effective Russia has been in re-establishing its military power in Syria, Saudi Arabia is hedging both its military hardware and, perhaps too, some strategic military alliances for its future.

Billionaire bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach, the founder, and CEO of $137 billion DoubleLine Capital, says his #1 conviction trade over the next several years is that the fiat U.S. dollar will decline as a consequence of current economic policies, resulting in the U.S. losing its dominant sole reserve currency status.

In this Yahoo interview, Jeffrey Gundlach also stated that while the gold price has really been in hibernation mode over the past year, he ultimately thinks gold will go a lot higher given his conviction of the crashing fiat Federal Reserve's note purchasing power to come.

And while both the silver price and gold spot price have disappointed commodity bulls over the last year, if 1970s-like stagflation is here and to come. It was silver and then gold, respectively, which outperformed everything that decade.

Perhaps we are merely now experiencing a calm before a new rising storm.

This week in the embedded video above, we look at the world gold market valued by the top 20 fiat currencies.

What will it take for each market to see new record high prices by the end of this year 2021?

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