Has The Media Been Fair In Its Coverage Of Ivermectin?

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Thursday, Sep 09, 2021 - 9:03

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Earlier this week, I wrote an article exposing the batshit hysterical coverage of the Joe Rogan/ivermectin story. In the piece, I took the time to acknowledge many of the skeptical arguments against ivermectin, which I think is important to do when having a balanced and open-minded discussion seeking objective truth.

The most important of these admissions, in my opinion, is that a meta analysis that was touted early on to show ivermectin’s efficacy in treating Covid has been invalidated due to questions about one of the studies that make up its components.

But that doesn’t mean that ivermectin doesn’t work in treating Covid. It just means we need further study.

As I said to Larry Lepard on my most recent podcast, it’s odd that that the media’s sense of urgency to freak out about something (ivermectin) was literally nowhere to be seen when we needed it most: at the beginning of the pandemic when we didn’t have a damn clue as to what was going on.

But I don’t expect outlets like CNN and MSNBC to do their own research; I expect them to take their talking points from whatever government agency is peddling the narrative at that particular time, and run with them aimlessly - like this:

My blog post, which lays out several stunning examples of mainstream media idiocy, has stirred up a significant amount of discussion among my friends and people whom I respect. I’m interested in the thoughts of my readers, as well.

What I want to know from my readers and e-mail list subscribers is:

  1. Have you done any research on ivermectin?

  2. If so, what did it entail and what did you find out?

  3. If you have looked into ivermectin, do you think the media is covering the story accurately?

  4. If you don’t think the media is covering it accurately, are they just taking their cues from the “mainstream” narrative or is there something else at play?

  5. Is there an active cover up regarding ivermectin or am I just being paranoid in the face of lackluster evidence?

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