New Study: Covid "Hospitalization" Data May Be Unreliable Gauge Of Pandemic Severity

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by quoth the raven
Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 - 15:00

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Well, well, well. No sooner do I take the time to ask which Covid narrative will come undone next than the universe hands us our answer in what only can be described as a total evisceration of the centerpiece of the mainstream media’s Covid narrative over the last 18 months. Think I’m being too dramatic? Try this on for size.

Covid hospitalizations have been the most ubiquitously published number and weathervane used to determine how well we are handling the pandemic since early 2020. Hospitalization charts may look familiar to you. For example, here is what the hospitalized patient data looks like on the CDC’s website right now:

The mainstream media has latched onto this data - specifically now that the Delta variant is making its rounds - further a case for continued lockdown, more vaccines and generally to scold the public at what a shitty job we are doing containing the virus. Those headlines, like this one from the NY Times, look like this:

And like this:

Oh, and look, here’s Maddow’s show happily using the same type of data, from earlier this year:

“Health care systems in peril as Covid fills hospital beds,” was the headline for the above MSNBC chart, on Maddow’s show.

In chart form, the same narrative from the NY Times looks like this:

But now it’s looking like the narrative about hospitalizations may be misguided at best and all-out unreliable at worse.

A brand new pre-print study has concluded that nearly half of people hospitalized with Covid have mild or asymptomatic cases.

“If they are mild or asymptomatic cases, how are they translating into hospital stays?” you’re likely asking yourself. Look - the facts are that many of us had been questioning the definition of “hospitalizations” since the beginning of the pandemic, though the question never seemed to become important enough to make its way into the mainstream.

Now, not unlike the changing narrative on the lab leak thesis, I expect the seriousness of this study will also “leak” - eventually - into the mainstream. 

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