Ron Paul: There's Never Been A Successful Coronavirus Vaccine

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Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021 - 18:22

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This is part 1 of an exclusive Fringe Finance interview with Dr. Ron Paul where we talked about authoritarian mask mandates, why a coronavirus vaccine has never been successful and the ugly direction the Fed has our economy heading toward. 

Dr. Paul is a former 12-term US Congressman from Texas who has three times sought the Presidency of the United States. Dr. Paul is also an author, activist, physician and host of Ron Paul’s “Liberty Report” podcast.

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Dr. Paul has appeared on my podcast numerous times, most recently in January 2021, where we discussed the ongoing pandemic and the state of the economy. He has a unique perspective on our reaction to Covid because not only is he a former politician, but he is also a former practicing physician (as was his son, Dr. Rand Paul).

I was able to reach out to Dr. Paul this past week to catch up with him on some of the issues I, and my readers, care about most. What follows is part 1 of 2 of my interview with Dr. Paul.

Q: Hi, Dr. Paul. Thanks kindly for taking the time for me today. I recently wrote about why I believed mask mandates should be done away with for good. Dr. Paul, as a physician, what do you make of continued mask mandates for Covid?

A: Mask mandates were wrong to impose from the very beginning. Government has no authority to compel people to cover their faces for any reason, let alone for a virus that is so small that it can easily pass through a mask. So in addition to being an overreach of power, the policy didn't even achieve the end that was being pursued. It has never been proven that masks prevent the catching or spreading of Covid. 

But authoritarian government is all about capitalizing on the emotion of fear. Mass fear provides an opening for authoritarian measures. While masks do not protect against Covid, they do train people to obey authoritarian measures, whether they make sense or not.

What bothers me most is the continued masking of children, who are the least vulnerable to Covid. Even if the masks did work, there would still be no reason to mask children. This policy clearly shows the heartlessness of authoritarianism.

Q: How would you characterize the government's incessant, ongoing campaign to get vaccinated? Is this simply pushing a common sense solution or are there other, larger forces at play?

Well, the idea of vaccinating everyone on the planet is far from being a "common sense" solution. The reasons are many. First, there has never been a successful vaccine for a coronavirus. The virus mutates very rapidly and there is simply no way to keep up with new vaccines for every person on the planet.

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