Ron Paul: Economic Truth Will "Reassert Itself With Vengeance"

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Friday, Oct 01, 2021 - 8:48

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This is part 2 of an exclusive Fringe Finance interview with Dr. Ron Paul where we talked about authoritarian mask mandates, why a coronavirus vaccine has never been successful and the ugly direction the Fed has our economy heading toward.

Dr. Paul is a former 12-term US Congressman from Texas who has three times sought the Presidency of the United States. Dr. Paul is also an author, activist, physician and host of Ron Paul’s “Liberty Report” podcast.

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Dr. Paul has appeared on my podcast numerous times, most recently in January 2021, where we discussed the ongoing pandemic and the state of the economy. He has a unique perspective on our reaction to Covid because not only is he a former politician, but he is also a former practicing physician (as was his son, Dr. Rand Paul).

I was able to reach out to Dr. Paul this past week to catch up with him on some of the issues I, and my readers, care about most. What follows is part 2 of 2 of my interview with Dr. Paul. Part 1 can be found here.

Q: Do you think China could eventually back their forthcoming digital Yuan with gold? Which countries, if any, will return to a gold standard, when and why?

As the current corrupt financial system comes undone, it is very likely that we will see gold become a part of whatever comes next. It is too difficult to predict what any individual country will decide is in its own best interests. Much will depend on the ideas that come to dominate inside that country when the time arrives.

I do not advocate returning to a "gold standard" per se. The old "gold standard" was run by the government and central banks; who both subsequently ended up destroying it. While that "system" was certainly better than what exists today, returning to something like it would be a band-aid at best, and not a cure. 

The cure is to completely separate money from the state. No more monopoly banking. There should be no license to counterfeit, which is the privilege that the Federal Reserve enjoys. Let the market decide.

For thousands of years, gold and silver were freely and voluntarily chosen as money by individuals in the marketplace. There's little doubt in my mind that gold and silver would once again play a major role if people were free to choose. That's the cure to our monetary and economic ills; freedom of choice in money.

Q: What are your thoughts on recent reports of Fed officials actively trading in securities like S&P futures and stocks? Would you characterize that as a conflict of interest that needs to be addressed?

Such reports are of course troublesome, but...(READ FULL ARTICLE HERE)



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