The Main Exit Plan Has Always Been Massive Inflation

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by jhanders
Sunday, Nov 14, 2021 - 9:19

United States price inflation is now worse than South Africa, and neck and neck with Mexico.

Qué vergüenza!"

Or in English… "How embarrassing!"

And wait for it.

We're just getting started.

One of the most transitory or temporary things we now have, is our fiat currency's purchasing power for tangible goods, services, and needs. 

As the quality of life for so many continues slipping away, here comes their fiat financial coup propaganda.

Inflation is Good for You | War is Peace | Freedom is Slavery | Ignorance is Strength

Lawrence McDonald had some poignant tweets this week.

None of this is a political point.

Look, let me be frank. It doesn't matter which self-interest political clowns come next. 

They will not save you or anyone else but themselves and their insider's interests.

Do not be triggered emotionally by political statements like Joe Biden is a "good man" or that he is now inside inflationary Jimmy Carter territory.

The latter is valid. The former no one but our creator truly knows.

Inflation is as high as the 1970s - 1980s. Using the CPI formula tracked in those days, inflation is above 14%, matching the height of the worst consumer price pressure era.

The old method for consumer price inflation is now near 15%.

Putting the long-term inflation data measuring methodologies into a silver price context in today's fiat Fed notes, the old 1980 high using the government's increasing data shows a then price high near $150 per oz. Using the government ShadowStats data, that old price high of 1980 is now over $1,000 per troy ounce.

The truth is probably somewhere in between. Buckle up.

Similar story for gold.

Left hand, using post-1980 increasingly rigged CPI data, a price of over $3,200 oz in 1980 using the fake fiat Fed note inflation data.

Right-hand side, a price looking backward using the pre1980 inflation measuring formulas, the gold price high of 1980 is worth over $23,000 per troy ounce in today's increasing worthless fiat Fed notes.  

Again the truth here is likely somewhere between, as gold values likely surge this decade. 

Even the billionaire CEO for Twitter, who constantly carnival-barks for his bitcoin book, was dropping Shadow Stats bombs in people's Twitter boxes this week.

Finally, this FRED chart tells the tale of seemingly ever-growing US debts. If unfunded liabilities and entitlements not saved for were added, it would more than double the red line to somewhere near $200 trillion.

The green-colored GDP line generates the incomes and taxes to pay the interest yet is unlikely to pay down these debts. Instead, we are increasingly now getting backed into a corner.

Massive inflation is mainly how the fiat Federal Reserve will "solve" this growing graft, insider corruption, and financial coup. Via nominally devaluing the nation's fiat currency unit's purchasing power to get out from under its inability to pay it off in real value terms, not legally defaulting.

All you need is over 50% inflation per month for four months straight. 

I didn't prescribe that.

I am merely reminding you again of an endgame transitional thesis of what a longtime shrewd financial trader said in Late June 2020.

Hopefully, this never comes to pass, for I have seen first hand the cultural fallouts of overnight fiat currency devaluations and what it does to a citizenry's trust levels. To say the very least, it is not pleasant.

That is all for this week's SD Bullion Market Update.

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As always and forever, take great care of yourselves and those you love.