German Man Kills His Entire Family In Murder-Suicide Motivated By Vaccine Passport Penalties

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Tuesday, Dec 07, 2021 - 14:25

The mental toll from stress induced by countries' pandemic response has arrived at a point where that itself may outweigh the risk that COVID-19 possesses. Nowhere is this more apparent than in sharp increases in violent crimes worldwide. Although Germany has somewhat defied this unspoken pandemic by seeing violent crime drop 2.3% in 2020, even it is not immune. Despite that marked decrease, a closer examination of those statistics shows that homicides rose 3.7% in the same time frame. Even with an increase up to 2,401 murders in 2020, Germany still experiences fewer homicides than other developed nations. While it is too soon to conclude any statistical analysis of that trend for 2021, the nation's latest high profile murder clearly shows the catalyst behind the increased murder rate.

On Tuesday, police in Senzig, Brandenburg discovered the deaths of an entire family living in the town just south of Berlin. A suicide note was also present at the scene, which was left by the husband and father of the family. In the note, the 40 year-old confessed to murdering his wife and 3 daughters before killing himself. The motive he described behind the murder-suicide was his fear of forthcoming penalties after it was discovered that he forged his wife's vaccine certificate.

Germany, which recently announced its intentions to make vaccination against COVID-19 compulsory among its population following Austria's decision to do so, has taken a starkly more authoritarian position in its pandemic response. Despite recent court rulings citing the unconsitutionality of lockdown measures, the German governments have implemented some of the harshest restrictions in Europe at state, local, and federal levels. This is made evident by the nation's recent lockdown of the unvaccinated and in the state of Hesse, where vaccine passports are required to enter grocery stores.

As expected, penalties for falsifying vaccine passports are just as harsh. Under German federal law, those found to fake their proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 face heavy fines and even imprisonment. Those daunting penalties loomed over the murderer after his wife's employer discovered that he had forged her vaccine certificate. Given the reporting requirements thrust upon employer's who are carrying out the national vaccination mandate affecting all workers, he feared that he and his wife would face a prison sentence which would lead to his children being taken away from their parents by social services.

This rationale conveyed by the suicide note was confirmed by Chief Public Prosecutor Gernot Bantleon. That stress was reportedly compounded by termination from his own job as a school teacher, though police have yet to confirm the veracity of that circulating claim. The bodies were discovered following a call to authorities who saw the family's lifeless bodies through a window in their home. It is unknown if other details the issuer of the report has provided to investigators at this time.

Additional preliminary reports state that the husband and wife had purchased the fake vaccination certificate online. Use of forged proof of vaccination has steadily risen since Germany's latest clampdown. The majority of these violations in the country have occurred in the last month or so, making the causation readily apparent. In Bavaria, there have been 1,286 violations on record, with about half of those occurring this November alone. Given this correlation, officials see a significant increase ahead, especially under the premise of a forthcoming nationwide vaccinate requirement.

The emergence of the omicron variant has been advantageously cited as the reason for an increase in restrictive measures through pandemic response efforts. However, there is no clear evidence that the mutations causing the latest COVID-19 variant created increased virility. The divide between scientific fact and pseudo-scientific justifications selected to defend public health policies which have clearly failed is nothing new. Studies have shown that lockdowns have led to increases of diseases other than COVID-19, with those affecting mental health being especially profound.

The Senzig murder-suicide illustrates just how deeply the terror instilled by authoritarian measures taken by governments resonates with their citizens. The utter desperation, despair, and horror of this crime should serve as an example of how these inhumane vaccine mandates erode our lives on a human level and its clear downward spiral that pulls society asunder. It's easy to say that if any nation should have learned of the horrors of authoritarianism from its history then it is Germany. However, that trite criticism overlooks a haunting truth; that the lessons from that history have taught Germany how to put those totalitarian methods from the past to better use in the present.


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