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Thursday, Dec 16, 2021 - 15:40



Sultans of Bling (Lyrics by

They get a quiver in the arm
Don’t worry ‘bout the harm, ‘cause meantime
Covid is hot, you stopped and you bet everything
Politicians are blowing billions, double four time
You’ll feel alright when you hear the register ring

Now you stepped outside the law
But you’ve covered all of the bases
All down the chain, nobody sees the bribes go down
Corporate lawyers bury all of the traces
So all the porn and the ‘blow’ still abound
Down on Wall Street
Down on Wall Street
Pfizer Town!

Check out Potato Joe, he’s moving kind of slow
Mind, it's strictly theater Barrack’s behind the curtain pulling his strings
They said an old geezer is all we have to show
When he gets up on the stage and says ‘you know the thing’

And Albert doesn't mind if Pfizer doesn't really make vaccines
He got the definition changed, it’s paying the rent
He can play the money game like anything
Giving the ‘Big Guy’ ten percent
With the Sultans
We are the Sultans of Bling

Then a crowd of media hacks, they’re spreading fear from every corner
Rich and dressed in their best brownshirts with their blow dried hair
They don't give a damn about any stinking censorship
It’s all what they call “balanced and fair.”
And the Sultans,
Yeah, the Sultans, they call it health care.
Health care!

And then the man, he steps right up to the mobile lab
And he drops dead just as the vaccine stings
“Good-bye, I should have skipped one last jab”
Then with a gasp he croaks out one more thing:
“They are the Sultans
They are the Sultans of Bling.”


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