Covid Vaccinations Work But Are They Better Than Ivermectin

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Sunday, Jan 02, 2022 - 20:44

There is a big divide in the country between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. One faction wants blanket vaccination and the other side wants a treatment. The constant manipulation of the data, goalpost moving, and redefining what data is important to achieve the political goals has created a tremendous amount of distrust on both sides. This article is going to unpack statements regarding vaccinations and then take a hard look at Ivermectin and other treatments.

Politicizing the Vaccine Over Treatments

Certain key decisions, statements, and events have catalyzed the distrust about vaccines since they were approved for emergency use. Notably, right after the vaccines were distributed in mass, the CDC stopped tracking the breakthrough infections in May.  Since breakthrough infections are a measure of the vaccine's effectiveness against infection, the absence of data fueled speculation that the vaccines might not be working and that evidence suggesting their futility was being suppressed.  However, the CDC didn’t stop all reporting.  They did however adjust their reporting to breakthrough hospitalizations, which initially showed that an unvaccinated person was 29 times more likely to be hospitalized.  This very convincing number should have promoted an increase in vaccinations, but the lack of transparency on the total number of breakthrough infections influenced the narrative. 

Furthermore,  in mid-July CDC director Rochell Walensky coined the phrase “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” This divisive tone entrenched both sides.  Breakthrough infections continued to rise and then the booster narrative hit the scene creating more division with indecisive FDA guidance. As the narrative changed from “vaccines will end the pandemic” to “continue to get your booster shot because the pandemic will never end,” vaccine skeptics felt justified that the vaccines were indeed a simultaneous large-scale experiment and money grab by Big Pharma. 

Then in mid-October, the CDC stopped reporting anything at all. According to the state of Washington which still tracks the breakthrough cases, the curves are converging to an extent, showing not as much benefit for the vaccinated as it did in May. This vaccination benefit is expected to drop even lower with the Omicron variant evading antibodies, and if Washington State continues to track the breakthrough percentage data the average should stabilize just above 50% as the majority of people have been vaccinated.  The reason for this is addressed later in the article. The grey moving average will continue to crawl higher in the graphic below.    



The unvaccinated population latched onto treatment options like hydroxycloroquine and Ivermectin as their solution.  The one that gained the most traction was Ivermectin because of its widespread use in Latin America and India.  So many were given Ivermectin early in the pandemic that there were not enough patients to represent a control group for study.  Merck, the maker of Ivermectin, put out a statement in Feb 2021 indicating the data didn’t support the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin in COVID-19. Then, the meta analysis of trials surfaced that showed Ivermectin might reduce mortality and aid in the time to recovery. The WHO was very cautious on the use of Ivermectin, recommending that it should only be used within the clinical trial setting. This too eventually turned into a political statement that involved the FDA to put out a statement about the safety of Ivermectin.      

The Vaccine Advantage Measured in Days, Not Death and Hospitalization

Vaccines do provide a benefit, but it can be quantified in terms of days, as it jumpstarts the immune response.  The idea that vaccines reduce the risk of death is technically true. They do provide an advantage in the viral phase but that’s where it ends, since anyone who gets sent to the hospital has not dealt with the virus well and is in the same boat, vaccinated or unvaccinated.  All the politicians saying it reduces hospitalization and death doesn’t make it true.  Vaccines work in the viral phase of the disease hoping to give your body enough of a head start so it clears the virus quick enough to avoid the cytokine storm.  If a person reaches the inflammatory phase of the disease the vaccine has failed and the clock is reset and there is virtually no benefit to being vaccinated if already in the hospital.  Using any advantage gained in the early phase of the disease to say it helps in the inflammatory is just disingenuous and part of a political talking point. Treatments like dexamethasone when applied properly do help reduce risk of mortality but saying vaccinated people do better once already in the hospital isn’t accurate.  The risk of death needs to be looked at in a much different way than what anyone has looked at in the past in order to truly understand how to stop it.   

Galectins Alone are a Very Powerful Prognosticator of Mortality

What determines either a bad outcome or death at the inflammatory stage of the disease are the serum levels of Galectin-3 or Galectin-9 in your blood. Galectins are signaling molecules in the body which are produced during inflammatory responses, and they heavily influence how the body either resolves, continues, or increases inflammation. There are retroactive studies that clearly show the galectin biomarkers found in blood serum can prognosticate death in COVID-19 patients even better than the popular IL-6 and CRP biomarkers. No rapid test technology has been developed in this area because testing was abandoned in favor of a vaccination only strategy. This means if you are worried about dying from COVID-19 you cannot run out and quickly get tested for galectins.  The test doesn’t exist yet. The irony is that many physicians don’t need a test to tell if a patient has a high galectin serum level because they are generally referred to as immunocompromised, elderly, and people with underlying medical conditions.  Most of the people dying fit in this category.  A chilling chart from Washington State showing a high number of deaths of VACCINATED PEOPLE from underlying medical conditions versus people without any underlying conditions. 

Clearly, people with underlying medical conditions have high Galectin-3 or Galectin-9 serum biomarkers. While there are no studies of galectin serum levels that breakout vaccinated and unvaccinated, they would be unlikely to show any difference between the groups.  What is clear from the trend in breakout infections data is that there is little to no benefit from the vaccines in this group.  The government talking points are just that, talking points without any scientific basis. People need to be concerned more with their inflammatory biomarkers more than their vaccination status since this is what predicts death.


Galectin-3 Serum Levels in COVID-19  


This chart from the Respiratory Medicine Journal shows that people with Galectin-3 serum greater than 35.3 ng/ml (High Galectin-3 Serum Levels) have a 60% mortality by day 12 after being admitted to the hospital.  The journal article titled “Galectin-9, a Player in Cytokine Release Syndrome and a Surrogate Diagnostic Biomarker in SARS-CoV-2 Infection” outlines that Galectin-9 assays are so sensitive that they can tell the difference between an infected and non-infected person which is exactly what a PCR test does.  

Galectin-3 and Galectin-9 biomarkers could be excellent tests to determine early disease.  Other predictive biomarkers in COVID-19 such as 3CLPRO, IL-6, GM-CSF, and CCR5 are currently being investigated as therapeutics.  With over 20 journal articles suggesting galectins as a possible therapeutic, it makes sense to keep an eye on developments of these technologies.  

On the therapeutic front, the top companies in the field of galectin research are Galectin Therapeutics, Bioxytran Inc., and Galecto Biotech.  Bioxytran appears to be designing a Phase 3 for clinical trials while Galecto announced a 21% mortality benefit in moderate to severe COVID-19 but has scrapped plans to pursue it further due to funding issues.  Early clinical trials of Bioxytran’s Prolectin-M have shown an elimination of SARS CoV2 to undetectable levels within 3 days (p<.029) which is something no antiviral to date has been able to accomplish so quickly. These treatments are very promising but that doesn’t give an excuse for misrepresenting true data on vaccines or denying any amount of effectiveness.  

Failure of Vaccination Policy - Not the Vaccines

It’s time to get critical on vaccines and those that say they don’t work.  Vaccines do work, but their effectiveness wanes over time, and to the extent that it wanes is as different as a person's hair style. The truth is that the vaccination strategy is an abysmal failure, not the actual vaccines, because they did work for a time and controlled the pandemic until the Delta variant arrived from outside the United States. Big pharma did a good job of rolling things out quickly, but that came at the cost of not fully understanding the side effects and a growing but small subpopulation of vaccine injury.  Vaccines are by definition designed to train your immune system to spool up a quick response in case of infection.  In the early days before the mutants the vaccines stopped viral infection dead in its tracks.  Remember when we heard 95% effectiveness, well that was for the first (wild type) virus and all the vaccines with an EUA were designed around that virus.  The Delta variant requires high levels of neutralizing antibodies because they don't stick as well to the tip of the spike protein compared to the Alpha variant and the original virus. 

Since it's winter, let's use snow in the analogy of how neutralizing antibodies work.  Visualize a chestnut with the spikes on it as an illustration of the virus and a pinch of snow no bigger than the chestnut as the mob of neutralizing antibodies that can stick to the spike protein.  If the snow is wet you can easily coat the chestnut smoothing out the spikes.  The snow wetness represents the effectiveness of the antibodies and the pinch of snow represents the neutralizing antibody level.  When the virus mutates the antibodies aren’t as sticky—it's like when the temperature gets colder and the air has less moisture content.  So when the Delta virus came around, the snow which represents the neutralizing antibodies wasn’t as sticky and was impossible to coat with a small amount of snow.  If you had more snow which represents the number of neutralizing antibodies you can compress it to make it stick. This is the concept behind neutralizing antibodies. So as variants become more virulent and viral loads increase with the next variant so does the required level of neutralizing antibodies.

Vaccine Safety

For the most part vaccines are relatively safe and there are very few adverse reactions to them but they do have short term side effects. There is a quantifiable risk.  The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System was set up to monitor the safety of the vaccines.  In 2021 there were 728,610 cases of vaccine injury that were related to COVID-19 vaccinations.  This is a record number of vaccine injury cases but it needs to be taken in context to the record vaccination effort.  In comparison, normal vaccine issues with Zoster, Varicella, Typhoid, Tetanus, TDAP, Rotavirus, Rabies, Polio, Pneumonia, Meningococcal, Measles + Mumps + Rubella + Varicella, Influenza, and HPV totaled 54,664 cases for the year.

A big picture look at the data file sizes shows a huge spike in 2021.  For the most part vaccine injury doesn’t increase exponentially, but this year showed a massive rise in the number of overall vaccinations.  There were 486,574,475 vaccine doses administered this year.  This means the level of vaccine injury was .15%.  What justified this high level of vaccine injury was a case fatality rate of 1.5% in the United States.  According to the WHO seasonal influenza has a case fatality rate of 0.10%. If the vaccine injury rate of the influenza was higher than its fatality rate pundits would be saying the cure is worse than the disease. The risk benefit analysis was that the average person is 10 times more likely to die than have a side effect from the vaccine. These risks are in line with promoting a robust vaccination strategy but vaccines alone do not work and eventually variants find their way to slip through the hands of the immune response.  

The Emergence of SARS-CoV-3

The new Omicron variant has 70 times the viral load of the Delta variant and at least 32 mutations on the spike protein.  It’s a cross between Delta and a common cold.  Arguably, it mutated enough to be called another disease like SARS-CoV-3.  Extremely high levels of neutralizing antibodies might have some small effect, but the sheer viral load of this disease means that it's less likely that the immune response can keep up. Pfizer was confident that a third booster shot will protect against the Omicron variant, but they came out with that pronouncement just 3 weeks after the variant was discovered, and some studies suggest booster immunity wanes significantly in just 10 weeks.  Pfizer’s statements that the vaccine offers protection without hard tangible data in the long term continue to breed frustration with the current policies.  The government is waiting for more data, but it's obvious to many based on the exponential rise of cases, that Omicron is able to evade the immune system and cause infection regardless of vaccination status. The pronouncement of vaccine failure is days to weeks away.  The government needs to get those drug companies working on another booster but their efforts would be better spent on antivirals like Pfizer’s Paxlovid or Todos Medical’s Tollovir which is set to read out at the Precision Medicine World Conference on January 26th.  They appear to have something quite special. 

Ivermectin Scorned   

It is safe to say that Ivermectin as a drug to treat COVID-19 is loved and hated by many at the same time. It's time to settle the argument with some healthy scientific analysis. Before the analysis starts, it might be helpful to peer into the factors driving the emotions to such extremes regarding the use of this drug.  Ivermectin has become the symbol of the anti vaxxers. The drug seems to represent the freedom to take the treatment of COVID-19 in their own hands and a possible alternative to the vaccine. Ivermectin has been vilified by almost every governmental agency and the Merck the maker of the drug.  These government agencies are primarily speaking against the drugs use off label as a prophylactic against COVID-19.    

The reason doctors even considered the use of Ivermectin is due to its utility as a viral inhibitor and low toxic profile.  The mechanism behind the viral inhibitor is the molecule's ability to block the 3CL protease.  At the start of the pandemic, there were no therapeutic options, no vaccine, just repurposed drugs. This is also when Ivermectin started being used.  Ivermectin is a very weak 3CL protease inhibitor and when applied in the early stage of the disease the theory is that it blocks the 3CL protease.  What has happened as the disease has evolved is that the viral load has increased exponentially.  There are about 70 proteases for every spike protein which means that protease concentration explodes with these new variants.  In order for Ivermectin to keep up, unsafe levels of the drug would need to be taken and the cure would become worse than the disease. Those that believe Ivermectin works on these new variants are living in the glory days with the wild type virus when in theory it should have worked.  Based on the mechanism of action Ivermectin could still work prophylactically, but what’s the point when there are way more effective 3CL protease inhibitors available Over the Counter (OTC). The common cold is a coronavirus that has 3CL protease so it's very likely that some of the early zealots saw a response to something that wasn’t actually COVID-19.     


Here is a representative chart that shows the theoretical effectiveness of these 3CL protease inhibitors stacked up next to each other.  Ivermectin doesn’t bind too well.  Imagine a bean bag that just got sat on.  This sat on bean bag is what a 3CL protease resembles on a much larger scale.  A sheet of paper placed in the center of the chair would represent the binding affinity of Ivermectin.  If a breeze were to come by, the paper would flip off.  It's just very weak.  The other all natural 3CL protease inhibitors that bear the FDA claim of 3CL protease inhibition are manufactured by Todos Medical.  


Looking at the chart Tollovid Daily is equivalent to a piece of paper with perhaps a pen on top of the paper.  While it sits in the pouch well a stiff breeze could flip it out.  When compared to Ivermectin it doesn’t have any side effects and if you increase the dosage it’s like putting another pen on top of the paper.  It can be purchased right now as an immune supplement and doesn’t need a prescription like Ivermectin.  So it's hassle free.  The Tollovid Maximum Strength is like having a 5lb weight on the piece of paper.  The binding site is covered and it's not going anywhere.  This product can also be purchased OTC but it's more expensive because it has a very generous portion of the active ingredient of the drug Tollovir.  The drug Tollovir is being tested on COVID-19 patients.  It’s even got a stronger bind to 3CL and equivalent to putting the weight bench on the beanbag.  The other supplements only have the FDA claim for 3CL protease inhibition not COVID-19 like Tollvir.  

Noted earlier in the article is that Tollovir is going to present interim data at the Precision Medical World Conference.  It's kind of unusual for interim data to be discussed on such a prominent stage if it was a flop. The company is still blinded to the results which could mean that they saw favorable patterns emerge in the blinded data that gave them enough confidence to compile a presentation.  This confidence could have come from the clinical trial results of Pfizer's Paxlovid.  

Paxlovid is a 3CL protease inhibitor, and in keeping with the analogy is like putting the weight bench and all the weights on top of the bean bag.  Before thinking that Paxlovid is the best 3CL protease inhibitor that binds the tightest and that Ivermectin is the worst, it's important to consider side effects in the equation. Paxlovid binds very tightly but there is a downside in that it gets metabolized very quickly.  So in order to keep it in the body longer they coadminister it with an HIV drug called ritonavir which does have a black box warning for long term use in HIV.  The ritonavir essentially slows down the metabolism of the drug by the liver allowing it to stay in the body longer. For variants like Omicron that have exponentially higher viral load it's unclear if dosage can be increased for Paxlovid.  In theory that is the only way Paxlovid is going to work or it has to be administered very early and the testing network just can’t cope with the sheer number of tests being demanded.  A COVID-19 positive test is also needed to get Paxlovid and it cannot be taken OTC. .    

New Ways to Protect Against the Rise in Variants

There are a lot of benefits of 3CL protease inhibition.  When there are so many colds flying around, whether it's the common cold or some variant, blocking the 3CL protease has extreme benefits.  The earlier the blockage the better off people will be.  For those people that have been taking Ivermectin and consequently become infected they need to understand it is not that Ivermectin didn't work but that the variant has evolved with such a massive increase in viral load that they needed something much stronger like perhaps Tollovid.  Tollovid seems to check all the boxes in times of pandemic because it allows people to take matters into their own hands.  If more immune support is needed then people could double up on the dosage of Tollovir without fear because there are no side effects with the botanical supplement.    

Wrapping it All Up

If you were looking for an answer that vaccines are better than Ivermectin or that Ivermectin is better than a vaccine then it is reasonable to think you are utterly disappointed with the analysis.  At this point in the pandemic both are woefully inadequate. Measuring how good or bad they are is irrelevant with the backdrop of surging caseloads of COVID-19.  Vaccines are relatively safe and could work if neutralizing antibody testing was administered properly but it hasn't been so people are guessing on whether they have protection against the virus.  It should be clear that when it comes to the pandemic response politicians are the last people that you want to listen to.  People don't typically go around loving or hating doctors which is a quick acid test that Fauci is really a politician.  Joe Roagan is no scientist and has no real basis to talk about Ivermectin either.  

There’s just a lot of disinformation out there from both perspectives. Filtering it is hard, but what matters is what you can do TODAY and what the immediate path is forward to reduce the death and economic damage. Sometimes the truth is what lies in the middle. The hope is that everyone saw the truth, which is that better treatments are needed now.  Those with underlying medical conditions or don’t know about their underlying medical conditions need to take extra precautions and mask up and support their immune system with dietary supplements because catching the disease could be fatal.  The vaccine didn’t save this group of people in Washington state.  The 3CL protease is a rapidly emerging target that could tame the pandemic.  Right behind them could be the galectin inhibitors. Supplements to boost the immune response are the only things that people can do TODAY when it's probably a matter of days before the United States reaches 1 million infections daily!  Catching the disease is not an option either because Long Haulers affect 10 -30% of people. 

People just need to focus.  The enemy is COVID-19 it’s not Fauci and his vaccines or Rogan with his Ivermectin. The weapon of choice in this challenging pandemic are 3CL protease inhibitors.  Sure there are other things like masking up, better ventilation, and social distancing but 3CL inhibitors seem to be up for any challenge. Paxlovid needs a COVID-19 positive test and a doctor's prescription same with Molnupiravir.  Ivermectin needs a prescription as well but Tollovid is something that can be bought on Amazon or  Be safe this New Year and protect yourself.  


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