Shaoxing Shows Horrors of China's Zero COVID Policy

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by blueapples
Monday, Jan 10, 2022 - 13:44

Despite being the origin of SARS-COV-2, China has been able to evade inquisition into the role the CCP has played in the development of the virus itself as well as the scope of its effects on the insulated nation. The integral importance of verifiable data on everything from infections to the efficacy of vaccines and other COVID response efforts from China has been callously overlooked by global NGO's like the WHO as well as from diplomatic inquisition levied by other nation's. China's track record of offering manipulated and inaccurate statistics is nothing new, as this has been especially proven regarding by delving into the economic data it provides to the world. With that track record of dishonesty, the tacit acceptance of China's narrative on its response to COVID-19 demonstrates the illusion it has been able to cast across the world.

The emergence of videos from Shaoxing, Zheijiang Province lifts the veil on this deception. The city of nearly 5 million reveals the horrific enforcement of China's zero COVID program. Shaoxing now hosts the largest COVID quarantine facilities to have been uncovered. The camp has a reported capacity of 5,500 who would be detained. The current occupancy rate of the facility has yet to be discovered, the horrific conditions its prisoners will be subject to has.

While the extent of the development of other camps has been obfuscated by media control, scenes in Shaoxing clearly convey the accelerated development of quarantine infrastructure in China. Video evidence that has managed to emerge details additional camps, apparently in other locations, which show the horrific conditions that prisoners are subjected to.

The existence of quarantine camps is one of numerous instances of supposed "conspiracy theories" which has been factually proven. Even in nations like Australia, efforts to develop quarantine camps have been undertaken incontrovertably. While the difference in the conditions of Australia's facilities is clear, the authoritarian direction of its pandemic response demonstrates the extent that the continuity of those operations can lead to.

Inevitably, China will tout its zero COVID policy to a global audience, acting as if it is the framework for an effective pandemic response. Without acknowledging its horrors, iterations of its authoritarian design are sure to be applied in other countries across the world. With variant after variant providing justification for new policy measures, revealing the horrors scene in Shaoxing and elsewhere in China must be done to keep government's around the world from putting heir citizens on this trajectory.