Max Keiser Doubles Down on $220,000 Bitcoin... Says He's Exiting Gold and Silver Completely

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by American Consequences
Friday, Jan 14, 2022 - 22:06

By Daniela Cambone

I just interviewed one of my favorite guests... the "bitcoin ambassador" himself, Max Keiser. We're talking bitcoin, where it's headed, and if Max is still super bullish on the crypto given its recent down price action.

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Max, founder of Bitcoin Capital and Heisenberg Capital, is still passionate about bitcoin and committed to its promising future, especially given what's happening right now in our economy... He told me:

"Inflation is out of control, the fiat money world is crumbling... The Fed is in panic mode with its money printing... And the bitcoin network is just getting stronger."

Max doubled down on his prediction for $220,000 bitcoin in 2022, saying everyone "should own and buy bitcoin aggressively."

Max criticizes American politicians for pilfering from Americans while the dollar crumbles, and deems bitcoin as a part of its own vector saying, "It isn't correlated to anything." He claims he's easing out of his precious metal allocations, and "hopes to be 100% out of gold and silver this year."

And as for the bitcoin bears out there who are calling for a "dark, crypto winter"? Max says he isn't worried about bitcoin's day-to-day trading action... Its fundamentals are strong and he's looking long term, adding that "he'd rather be a day early than a day late."

Another bitcoin bull, Stansberry Research's crypto expert Eric Wade, agrees with Max. He says bitcoin still has a long way to go... and everyone should buy some and hold it for the long haul.

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