Ron Paul: Covid Truth Is Treason To A Government Narrative Based On Lies

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by quoth the raven
Friday, Jan 14, 2022 - 10:52

On my latest podcast, I had the honor of speaking to the man who introduced me to Libertarian thinking during his run for President, Dr. Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul is a former 12-term US Congressman from Texas who has three times sought the Presidency of the United States. Dr. Paul is also an author, activist, physician and host of Ron Paul’s “Liberty Report” podcast.

Photo: KSDK

Dr. Paul has appeared on my podcast numerous times, most recently in January 2021, where we discussed the ongoing pandemic and the state of the economy. He has a unique perspective on our reaction to Covid because not only is he a former politician, but he is also a former practicing physician (as was his son, Dr. Rand Paul).

I was able to reach out to Dr. Paul this week to catch up with him on some of the issues I, and my readers, care about most.

We talked about several topics that I’ve written about lately, including when vaccine and mask mandates will end: Capitalism And Common Sense Will End Vaccine Mandates In 2022

We also discussed the media’s hysterical reaction to the Omicron variant and soaring case numbers, as I wrote about recently: Omicron Is Creating An Unnecessary Media Hysteria Over Positive Case Numbers...Again

Additionally, we covered:

  • Our recent 7% CPI number and what it means to most Americans

  • The mainstream’s media’s coming shift in attitude on how they report on Covid

  • Whether or not Dr. Paul thinks we will break from our Covid hysteria in 2022

  • Dr. Paul’s thoughts on whether or not the media is starting to pivot on how it is covering the Covid story

  • The government’s treatment of Ivermectin

  • Whether Omicron could be a vaccine in and of itself

  • The importance of liberty

  • The few politicians left that aren’t hypocrites, especially when it comes to setting policy related to Covid

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