Truth or Fiction: Vaccines Protect Against Hospitalization & Death

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Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022 - 19:08



During this entire pandemic politicians, reporters, scientists, and celebrities have all chosen to ignore the definition of a vaccine.  Vaccines by their definition do only one thing and that is stimulate the production of antibodies (and antigen-specific cells).  This is the essence of the problem with the “vaccination only” strategy to tackle the pandemic is that it does only one thing.  Mutations continue to plague the vaccine-only strategy which is why conversation about oral antivirals is finally opening up.  The goal of the vaccine is to train the body to prepare for an infection so that it can stomp out the infection so fast that a person doesn’t get symptomatic. Breakthrough infections are really a manifestation of vaccinations that simply didn’t work. Vaccines and antibodies only have benefit in the viral stage of the disease and this fact is lost on many who incorrectly believe vaccines prevent death directly. Undue reliance has been placed on vaccines instead of a multi-layered approach to the pandemic that includes masks, ventilation, neutralizing antibody testing, oral antivirals, and therapeutics.  

The Base Security Analogy - Who's the Real Hero?

Vaccines in many ways are analogous to the security system in place on a military base.  Envision the immune system overseeing base security, and it has a variety of tools to mount a defense. The cameras around the fence are designed to pick up an enemy force in a specific area and then send out a response team to meet the enemy.  If the enemy evades the first line of defense and gets inside the perimeter it will target the command and control to thwart the base’s ability to mount a coordinated defense.  Once alerted, the response teams needs to act very fast; otherwise, the enemy will knock out the command and control at the headquarters. If the enemy is able to knock out the command and control, its next step is the bunker with all the prized assets in order to force the surrender.  

A vaccine is like having mercenary antibody troops positioned right inside the fence in an area you know the enemy is going to attack. You don't know how large the enemy force is or when or where they will attack but it's a big mobilization advantage over using just security cameras to detect the attack and then speed to the defense. Assuming a massive viral load or large wave of enemy overpowers the mercenary antibody troops and creates a breakthrough infection, it's up to the other layers of defense to protect the base from harm.  The mercenary antibodies simply provide an advantage in the beginning phase of the attack, whether the base falls is entirely dependent upon the other layers of defense.  In Fauci’s world, he’s calling the mercenaries that got overrun and let the enemy get to the gates of the bunker the heros of the story instead of the regular forces that were able to thwart the enemy at the bunker. The vaccine is only the hero when it protects against infection. Claiming the vaccine is the hero for something that an individual's immune system has accomplished is no fairer than blaming breakthrough infection deaths on the vaccine.  Is the vaccine a failure because of breakthrough infection deaths?  Of course not because the sword cuts both ways.  Vaccines are correlated to mortality but not a cause of preventing it, as many government officials would have you believe.     

Vaccines Reduce Hospitalization Not Death

The idea that vaccinations can prevent death is a statistical illusion using a snapshot in time and throwing what we know about underlying conditions completely out of the window. When the CDC set up this classification which lumps hospitalization and death together, it was for dramatic effect to highlight a difference so as to encourage vaccinations by showing a chasm in the likelihood of death. There certainly wasn’t any scientific rationale as the rates at which unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals progress from hospitalization to death are almost exactly the same. This all encompassing classification ultimately backfired and helped an Anti Vaxx movement reach critical mass after CDC commissioner Dr. Rochelle Walensky coined the phrase a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and then had it echoed by Biden.  This created stigmas in the pandemic approach leaving room for only two polar opposite ideologies. The idea of pursuing therapies in conjunction with vaccines was completely absent from the narrative.  Both sides started twisting data to suit their beliefs and in many cases they just weren’t accurate.  

It's disingenuous to drag vaccination status into the conversation about mortality, which from the beginning of the pandemic has always been about people with underlying health conditions. Conversely, it wasn’t right for people to summarily say the vaccines are unsafe and don’t work despite the mounds of scientific evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately, the common sense message of bringing oral antivirals to market along with comprehensive testing to evaluate vaccination efficacy was completely lost.  

Vaccines of Little Value to Immunocompromised Patients

People need to hear the truth that vaccines do work for people with competent immune systems, but the benefit is measured in days and ONLY during the viral stage of the disease. If you have underlying medical conditions and are immune compromised the vaccines offer little to no protection.  Studies from the University of Pittsburgh showed a dramatic reduction in neutralizing antibodies.  

“While 98.1% of the health care workers produced antibodies after vaccination, only 37.2% of the vaccinated solid organ transplant patients were positive for antibodies; 54.7% of the blood cancer patients; 82.4% of those with solid tumor cancer and 83.8% of patients with autoimmune disorders. In contrast, 94.6% of patients with HIV made antibodies.

Among patients with solid organ transplants, lung transplant patients had a particularly poor response to vaccination, with only 22.2% producing antibodies. Liver transplant patients fared best, with 60.6% of study participants producing antibodies after vaccination. Patients who received their transplant less than a year ago were less likely to respond to vaccination than those transplanted earlier.” 


This truth about low antibodies in people with underlying medical conditions seems to be the missing link that could bridge the divide.  People need to look no further than the approved monoclonal antibodies only given in an outpatient setting. Regeneron's cocktail showed a 24% mortality rate versus 30% in the standard of care in people with underlying medical conditions. It was capable of saving 6 people for every 100 people treated. If you are reading this thinking well that's not that great, you are correct but it's something. 

It's the Pandemic of People with Underlying Medical Conditions

A look into Washington State's breakthrough infections shows horrifying data for people with underlying medical conditions that is being masked by data “under investigation.” The reported number of vaccinated people dying with underlying medical conditions is 63 - 65% but 33- 35% have been under investigation for months with no resolution to the number for likely political reasons.  Why don’t they be transparent and show us the real number?  Adjustment reveals a horrifying statistic.  Adjusting for under “investigation” assuming the same distribution between no underlying conditions and underlying conditions reveals that the mortality distribution goes up to about 98% for people with underlying medical conditions. This is a hard number to swallow, but the truth is that vaccines do little to help people with underlying medical conditions.  With such a government emphasis on this patient population it's sad that they don’t use or promote the EUA-approved cPass neutralizing antibody test to segregate the protected from the unprotected by determining who has sterilizing immunity and who doesn’t.  This is truly a pandemic of people with underlying medical conditions and the quicker we come to grips with this truth the quicker we can find a solution.   



CDC Spins Vaccine Data

In early August 2021 the CDC came out with a report that showed the success of the vaccine by a wide margin based on the alpha variant that showed a shocking reduction of hospitalization by 29 times over unvaccinated. During this period breakthrough cases from Delta were starting to rise exponentially and it was clear from the Israeli wave at the time that Delta would eventually diminish this statistic as the vaccinations waned.  The differential in hospitalizations has dramatically come down to 17 times over vaccinated in just 4 months because the CDC data Fauci is talking about was for the period ending in November which didn’t factor in the current Omicron wave. Now Washington State's most recent numbers place the risk of hospitalization between 8 - 11 times less with a vaccine.  As vaccines wane this metric will continue to decline further eroding people's confidence in the data from the CDC.   

Had the CDC not politicized vaccines and did a proper comparison between vaccinated and unvaccinated rates of hospitalization and just leveled with people instead of trying to justify vaccine mandates it would have opened up dialogue for moderation. Vaccines represent a very useful layer of protection, but it's very obvious by the surge in new infections that the effectiveness of the vaccine is in question and thought to be about 70% effective against hospitalization, making people only 3-4 times less likely to become hospitalized.

Preventing Hospitalization without Vaccines

The new Omicron variant has thrown world healthcare systems into crisis. The variant easily evades the vaccine in over 60% of the cases by some measures, making it extremely ineffective at controlling community spread.  The only tools left are the oral antivirals and the monoclonal antibodies.  In the lead are Pfizer's Paxlovid and Merck’s Molnupiravir.  For Paxlovid there are limitations on the classification of people that can get prescriptions as well as limitations on dosing.  The drug is best used during the viral stage of the disease which means it needs to be administered 5 days from symptom onset.  Without a robust testing network or a test that can determine infection status sooner it's hard to think that these oral antiviral solutions are what we were looking for.  

One new entrant is Tollovir and the company developing it, Todos Medical, is slated to read out a key phase 2 clinical trial in less than 10 days with what is expected to be exceptional data according to a recent NewsMax interview.  They have a 3CL protease inhibitor just like Paxlovid.  Until the data readout there are just pieces of a puzzle that show a very safe viral inhibitor that targets the 3CL protease in very much the same fashion as Pfizer's 3CL protease inhibitor Paxlovid.  

Growing 3CL Protease Inhibitor Usage - Ivermectin & Tollovid

Other than Paxlovid, there are no 3CL FDA approved claims for COVID-19 therapy.  However people have been connecting the dots with 3CL protease inhibitors for quite some time.  First there was Ivermectin that has become a symbol of Anti Vaxxer solidarity as this group demands cost-effective, common sense, anti-authoritarian solutions that don’t include a jab. People are adamant that it works and it has a devout following using it prophylactically.  The science supports 3CL inhibitors used in COVID-19 which is why Pfizer’s drug Paxlovid recently received approval, being 89% effective in preventing hospitalization and death from those already infected and at risk. Pfizer initially only committed to 180,000 doses in December which is hardly sufficient as a first line therapy with over a million new COVID-19 infections on a daily basis.  There are supply constraints and it's only for people with underlying medical conditions who are at risk of progressing to severe disease.  This begs the question about the others who can’t get the drug, who are at risk, or who don’t want to endure flu-like symptoms



The next new 3CL protease inhibitor is called Tollovid but unlike Ivermectin it doesn’t require a prescription because it's a dietary supplement.  It has the FDA claim of a 3CL protease inhibitor and immune support, but they can't label it and say it works on COVID-19 despite the smoking gun evidence.  While the supplement is very expensive on a comparable basis to Ivermectin, if it ends up working for a person, then it's worth every penny since the vast majority of consumer reviews suggests that it works like charm - just like Paxlovid.  Most people don’t have underlying medical conditions and/or cannot get access to Paxlovid, a prescription 3CL protease inhibitor, but Tollovid makes the access simple with ways to order directly from or  Even for those who can get Paxlovid, its difficult to get the drug because of supply issues, but also because the prescriptions required a positive PCR test.



Need for Truth & Treatment

The truth has been bent and stretched to the point where people don't know what to believe anymore. Before turning a blind eye to vaccines people should realize they are not meritless and for some people it's right for their lifestyle as long as they assume the risks.  That transparency has been sorely lacking and continuing with the narrative that vaccines prevent death is still striking a nerve with much of the nation.  People are not blind and see only people with underlying conditions die.  Vaccines give you a nice advantage against hospitalization and that's where it’s benefit ends, and because it's so transient people should also realize that vaccine injury is an immediate reaction to a jab not something that manifests itself months or years later.  The administration needs to tell the truth that vaccines aren’t all that they thought they would be and their effectiveness wanes very quickly.  The issue has been the government's one track messaging that has displaced critical development on oral antivirals. The government seems to be conceding to COVID and hoping for an Omicron herd immunity miracle.  If you are in the group of people who don't want to take the 10% - 30% chance of getting Long Covid from Omicron, then a readily available nutraceutical 3CL protease inhibitor might be just what the doctor ordered. 


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