Next Two Countries To Buy Bitcoin Are Friends of China

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Saturday, Jan 29, 2022 - 13:19

Authored by GoldFix Substack

Almost every weekday we do a Bitcoin podcast for listeners between 6:45 and 7:45 a.m. The  usual topics are trade-able levels, relevant news, and some macro concepts. On occasion, like today, something bigger is discussed. The whole broadcast clocks in at a little over 8 minutes. We think you may be interested in what we  have to say. Here is the podcast followed by clips broken out with salient points. enjoy.

Bitcoin is in the middle of a culture clash. US investors listen to US banks.

"They're looking at Bitcoin like Gold. That's a F*cking disaster waiting to happen"

Weapon of financial destruction. 2 countries are likely to announce this year

Fifty years  from now, The world will be completely different than what Americans think it will be

The short list is: Guatemala or Honduras, and Turkey based on trade relationships and recent events

BATTLE LINES: China Russia, Iran, El Salvador, Turkey and Financial War.

"Turkey and El Salvador are saying F*ck the dollar"

Erdogan, Bukele, and The Bitcoin Meeting

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Question:'Will another South American (sic) country will make BTC legal tender by the end of 2022?' Yes- Max Keiser


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