Cowardly Trudeau Flees Home Amidst Convoy Protest

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by blueapples
Saturday, Jan 29, 2022 - 19:25

As Prime Minister of Canada, the "popular" Justin Trudeau (seen being pelted by rocks here) has led the charge ushering in some of the most restrictive measures in the world. In the mold of other former crown dependencies like New Zealand and Australia, doing anything in Canada without proof of vaccination is impossible. Everything from getting on domestic flight or entering a department store is verboten for the unvaxxed untermensch in Trudeau's dystopian phantasmagoria.

Though the Prime Minister's thirst for power has been insatiable with restriction after restriction being imposed by his heavy hand, leaving many Canadians feeling powerless, one group has risen against the tide. As a world-record convoy of over 2,700 trucks measuring 70 kilometers descended upon the Canadian capital finally arrived on Friday evening, Justin Trudeau exemplified his absolute lack of leadership as he couldn't muster the courage to face the protest against the medical tyranny he has imposed. In the days preceding the convoy's arrival in Ottawa, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that he would enter into self-isolation for five days as he had (gasp!) been exposed to COVID-19.

Even though Trudeau conveyed that he himself had tested negative following the "COVID contact," he cited his adherence to public health recommendations as the basis of entering into quarantine. The timing of the announcement was curious given the impending protest coming to Ottawa, giving Trudeau's quarantine the optics of utter cowardice. Then again, what's to be expected by a man who speaks French? If there was any doubt that Trudeau's decision was an act out of fear then it has been completely dispelled following the announcement that he and his family have fled his home because of the convoy's protest, being moved to an undisclosed location.

Yes, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a man who has avowed his commitment to stand with Canadians during any crisis -- no matter how dire -- has literally fled the capital because he cannot stand to face a legal, peaceful, and resounding protest against his tyranny. When you think of heroes through the ages the likes of Alexander the Great and William Wallace leading their forces into battle or the proverbial captain going down with his ship, their bravery paints a picturesque imagine of what it means to be a leader. Trudeau on the other hand has woven himself into the tapestry of fate in the image of an utter coward in an apropos canary yellow thread that has the appearance of the gilded narrative he's created for himself finally wearing away.

The man charged with leading one of the G7 nations is literally afraid of loud trucks full of people who don't like him because he's tried to ruin their lives. If you want any confirmation then all you need to do is read recent reports coming from Canada revealing that the nation's Parliament Security Chief has advised Ministers of Parliament to "hide." Sergeant-at-Arms Patrick McDonnell, the holder of that security role, literally sent Canadian MPs an email about the convoy protest that advised them to "not get involved and go somewhere safe,” and “close and lock all exterior doors.”

In quintessential fashion, Trudeau attacked the reputation of the convoy's participants as a group of fringe radicals who have ties to extremist groups as he has to anyone who objects to his broad, sweeping vaccine mandates. That broken record of illogical character assassination should fall upon deaf ears as it's become evident that Justin Trudeau will do anything to undermine his critics, as long as he doesn't have to stand and face them.

As things stand now, the Freedom Convoy represents the people of Canada with miles more integrity than its Prime Minister. As it galvanizes upon Wellington Street in from of the Canadian Parliament, Justin Trudeau's office has announced that he and his family have fled to a "secret location" to escape their wrath. One must ask...isn't he committing the cardinal sin of breaking quarantine by running away with his tail tucked between his legs?

Doesn't he know it's a pandemic?!

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