A Unique Period in History Fast Approaches: How Are You Positioned?

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Saturday, Feb 12, 2022 - 19:15

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In the Battle of Kiev, Russian forces lost 700,000 men defending the city against German invasion. In all of WW2, the US lost upwards of 400,000 men, whereas Russia lost in the magnitude of 10 million. Let that sink in for a moment as you glibly sit there in your NYC offices pretending to be a war general -- declaring the US should defend Kiev against a country who it has belonged to for nearly a thousand years. The Mother City of Russia is Kiev.

Biden spoke with Putin this morning and warned him again. At this point, I don't know what the US is planning to do.

Everyone I speak to says the same thing "nothing will happen, the war will begin and end at Ukraine." While that is all very logical and stable thinking, I do not trust our government to keep things contained. We have fucking lunatics running this country and everything I hear out of the political left and right in this country is we have to defend Ukraine as if it were Rhode Island being invaded. 

This is a country completely captured by US interests -- imposed with a fallacious President who was illegally "elected" in 2014 after a violent coup to overturn the previous election. Zelensky is also a literal clown, was a comedian before he decided he could lead Ukraine down a path to war against Mother Russia. Since he got in, all of the best of America's political elite have been visiting Kiev and enjoying the splendors of its nation -- even flirting with the idea of including them into NATO. 

Two small side addendums to Ukraine.

1. Hunter Biden was receiving $1m per year as a consultant to an oil and gas company.
2. Trump was impeached for a phone call made to Ukraine.

And yes Biden ousted the Ukrainian prosecutor by threatening to withhold $1b in aid. Do you see how twisted this all is in the first place? Why are we giving Ukraine billions in aid?

Our entire foreign policy goal for as long as I could remember is to destroy Russia. They're the villain in every Hollywood movie and the Russian accent is synonymous with evil -- part of our wonderful American programming to instill distrust in anything that is Russian. Perhaps this blood feud is a lot deeper and important for American elite than you know. Perhaps some of it has to do with Trotsky and maybe this is their chance to finally have a reason to wage war with them.

Sounds crazy doesn't it? 

This is the closest we've come to war with Russia since the Cuban missile crisis, a period which saw the SPY drop 7% before ultimately rallying post crisis. Since then Russia has went on to become a top oil producer, built up nearly $700 billion in capital reserves, holds the world's second largest gold reserves, $200 billion in $BTC, and has debt to GDP of just 18%. While their economy is tiny in comparison to ours, it should be noted they are in a far superior financial position than us. The only reason why we are not Zimbabwe and our currency worth shit is because we have the world by the balls with the US currency reserve. What if, for example, Russia-China-Hong Kong and a few others decided to never trade in dollars and convinced the EU to use the Euro as reserve? What would happen to your dollars?

This is a lot of FUD and perhaps nothing happens. Hopefully that will be the outcome. But several things are almost guaranteed to occur in the next month.

1. Russia will invade Ukraine
2. The US will talk extreme shit, and impose harsh economic sanctions on Russia and Putin personally.
3. Western media will support regime change in Russia.
4. US and allies will support any resistance to Russia and arm them.
5. Russia will not like any of this.

The worst case scenario is we somehow shoot down Russian air assets and attempt to control the skies over Ukraine, which would entail hitting all Russian surface to air batteries and radar. No matter what happens, unless peace suddenly busts loose, oil prices will be rigged higher, potash prices rigged higher and volatility will be all over the fucking place. 

The NASDAQ shed 3% last week and the RETESTOORS are already out and about crawling out from underneath the floorboards demanding satisfaction. Both energy and Ag stocks ramped due to inflation and the prospects of war in a region rich with oil and nitrogen fertilizer. If you're doing nothing and ignoring this news flow and buying SNAP on the dips -- you're a fucking idiot.

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