Will Russia Actually Invade Ukraine?

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by quoth the raven
Saturday, Feb 12, 2022 - 18:18

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Since Friday night, I have been keeping an updated running tally of headlines related to the Russia/Ukraine headlines that sent markets tanking on Friday. The Russia/Ukraine tensions threw another wrench in the gears of a market that I - and some of my smartest industry friends - believe to be on the verge of capitulation, as long as the Fed holds course.

I also offered up my admittedly mostly useless personal analysis on how I was trading the situation and headlines that I found to land on both sides of the “Will Russia invade?” question.

Russia-Ukraine News - NBC News | NBC News
Photo: NBC

I’m still split down the middle as of Saturday mid-day. The idea that Putin has 100,000 troops at the border tells me one thing, but the EU failing to evacuate Ukraine (despite the fact that the U.S. has) tells me another. President Biden is supposed to speak with Vladimir Putin today - so I’m sure that’ll yield further headlines.

Regardless, I wanted your thoughts on the situation today before Super Bowl Sunday - especially because I know many of my readers have a military background, where I have no formal background.

  • Will Putin invade Ukraine?

  • If so, what type of attack and when? What is his ultimate end game?

  • If not, why the posturing? Does Putin like the negotiate only when things are at the brink?

I’ve heard every theory from “Russian tanks are going to roll across the border the second the Super Bowl kicks off” to “this is a Western distraction from domestic problems in the U.S.” and every theory in between. You can leave your thoughts at this FREE discussion thread I've created.


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