The “New World Order” Is Being Fought For Right Now

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Thursday, Mar 24, 2022 - 16:00

Much has been said about Klaus and his gang. The “New World Order” is being fought for right now.

In times of upheaval like now we bipeds revert to tribalism. As such for the past 2+ years I’ve been spending a decent amount of time researching history and old maps, which often show us the faultlines of tribalism. Religion, ethnicity, and language all acting as primitive fault lines.

It has been my belief that these old fault lines would arise as the elites attempt to force their centralised system on the world. So let’s revisit how these fault lines are shaping up.

A club not worth belonging to:

World Economic Forum Freezes ‘All Relations’ With Russia, Putin

“We are not engaging with any sanctioned individual and have frozen all relations with Russian entities,” Amanda Russo, a spokesperson for the Davos, Switzerland-based group, told Politico this week.

It is worth remembering that these are the folks who have been pushing the narrative that tens of millions would die and hundreds of millions globally unless you listened to them and their captured entities (looking at you WHO, IMF, UN). We were told that you could catch this virus that came from a bat lab from someone in Moscow, even if you were on a beach in California. Amazingly, folks were all scared stiff, which just goes to show that the collective ability to discern propaganda from reality has long ago been scrubbed from the last deep recesses of the minds of far too many.


Now, before you jump up in glee and champion Putin’s Russia, let me point out that he’s no choir boy himself.

Why mention it then?

I mention this because this division is useful. I liken it to Reagan’s dealing with the Middle East. His plan was to send money, guns and ammo to the Iraqis. Tell them to go kill the Iranians and then go to the Iranians. Send them money, guns, and ammo and tell them to go have at it against the Iraqis. And they did. The strategy was that if they were slaughtering each other over in the sandpit, they’d not pit their strengths against the Yanks, who could then keep on extracting the oil. Now, it’s immoral, unethical, and perfectly evil. The point is this, though. We are the non-participating Reagans here. It is useful for us to have competing interests, and we need not “like” either of them. My hope is that within the cracks that form we will navigate our way forward to a better future.

What about Ukraine?

Over and above what we already know about Ukraine (biolabs), I did find this rather interesting. While everyone is focussed on the Russians invading, Ukraine just silently announced it’s the first country to implement the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ by setting up a Social Credit Application combining universal basic income (UBI), a digital identity, anda vaccine passport all within their Diia app.

En Ukraine, un air de crédit social avec l’application Diia – iPhone Soft

It’s almost like Ukraine is this testbed of WEF globalist agenda, complete with biological weapons developed. Nah, can’t be. Now that’s something to chew on.

Now, back to the bifurcation of our world. At present Russia is the new unvaccinated, according to MSM. Let’s see what this looks like, or should we say what is NOT being widely publicised.

The official Russian blacklist of hostile sanctioning nations includes the US, the EU, Canada and, in Asia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore (the only one from Southeast Asia).


Notice how that “international community” keeps shrinking. What is worth noting is that NO nations from West Asia, Latin America, or any from Africa have joined the sanctions bandwagon.

Outside of the above, we have Turkey and Serbia who announced they’ll not impose sanctions on Russia.

Hat tip to my friend Denisa in Bucharest for the following, which she kindly put together for us here.

When asked by Ukraine to close Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits for Russia, Turkey did not say no.

Turkey Bars Warships From Straits Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis (

Turkey claimed that as per a 60-yr old pact, Turkey cannot block all Russian warships from accessing the Black Sea because it is obligated to allow said ships to return to their registered base.

“We will not compromise our national interests,” Erdogan said, “but we will not neglect regional and global balances.”

That Erdy is a sneaky bugger. He is playing both sides of any conflict here and will continue to do so.

Bulgaria undecided yet

Bulgaria’s Oppn slams govt’s decision to impose sanctions on Russia as ‘national betrayal’ (

According to a member of the party and the Bulgarian National Assembly, Elena Guncheva, she stated that the Bulgarian government’s decision to condemn Moscow’s military invasion of Ukraine was “a national betrayal” and she mentioned that her party does not support the sanctions imposed by the European nations against Russia.

More allies:

Russia-Ukraine: Khamenei blasts U.S. ‘mafia-like regime’ | CTV News

“In my view, Ukraine is a victim of the crises concocted by the United States,” he said. “There are two lessons to be learnt here. States which depend on the support of the U.S. and Western powers need to know they cannot trust such countries.”

Brazil is neutral.

Jair Bolsonaro: Brazil to remain neutral in Russia invasion of Ukraine – Patabook News

In some disturbing news and breaking trend with what we always knew of Switzerland, they are no longer neutral.

Switzerland drops neutrality, backs EU sanctions on Russia, Putin. Get the latest. | World |

Balkans give signs of instability:

  • Romania starts pushing for union with Moldavia (the eastern country that had been under the Soviet Union until its collapse). NATO increase military forces here. Currently the second largest NATO or US (same thing) military base from Eastern Europe is located in RO
  • Serbia is trashed by the EU because of its refusal to impose sanctions on Russia. A relatively big Russian refinery is located there and Gazprom invested a lot in Serbia. Kosovo is a Serbian territory that claimed independence since 2008 but isn’t yet fully recognised.
  • Kosovo recently made an official ask for a permanent US military base on their territory (conveniently located right next to Russia’s main Balkan ally). If the conflict escalates beyond Ukraine, my feeling is that it will start with Kosovo – Serbia. Putin will take the blame for “destabilising the Balkans”. It is worthwhile looking into Kosovo problem because it is a similar situation with Ukraine. There is Serbia which is clear pro-Russian and there is Kosovo that wants out and are seeking NATO membership.

Thanks very much, Denisa. You’re a gem!

What else? India is failing to join the bandwagon:

Russia offers more oil to India – The Hindu

India Buys Russian Ural’s Crude to Protect Fertilizers Sector Interests

Then there is outright posturing or political signaling.

Look, this is a big nothing burger. They can buy and sell in any currency and sometimes do. The point being made here is for political purposes.

It’s sorta looking like a helluva world that’s shaping up. On the one hand we have the WEF globalist sociopaths, and on the other we have a different set of sociopaths headed really by China. Crazy, heh? What a time to be alive!


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