The Notion You Need Inflation To Create Growth “Is Just Bullsh*t”

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by quoth the raven
Friday, Apr 22, 2022 - 11:45

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At the risk of turning this week into International Lawrence Lepard Week here on the blog, I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Larry yesterday on my podcast that I think supplements my articles on Larry this week.


I had the pleasure of speaking to Larry yesterday not only about his most recent investor letter, but also about his thoughts on the possibility for World War III, the state of Russia and China working together, and whether markets will crash or go hyperinflationary.

On Monday, I published Larry's rundown of monetary policy history leading up to 1980. In the article, Larry also explained why he thinks paper gold suppression could mean and eventual 5x in gold prices: It Is "Just A Matter Of Time" Before Gold Rises 5x Or More: Lawrence Lepard

On Tuesday, I published Larry's thoughts on the evolving monetary landscape globally that's occurring as a result of the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Larry wrote that he believed Putin "knows the monetary system is a credit based ponzi scheme" and he laid out 4 different catalysts for higher gold, silver and bitcoin prices: Putin Knows The Monetary System Is A Credit Based Ponzi Scheme: Lawrence Lepard

Yesterday, during our discussion, we followed up on these two articles from the week but also tackled a whole host of new topics.

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However, this podcast is 100% free to listen, below. Enjoy:

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