The Mother Of All Collapses Has Begun

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by Phoenix Capital Research
Thursday, May 12, 2022 - 12:05

The mother of all collapses is coming.

The Fed claims it can tackle inflation without triggering a crisis.

Good luck with that!

The Fed triggered a crisis with the Tech Bubble (a bubble in a single stock market sector) and the Housing Bubble (a bubble in a single asset class). And neither of those are remotely comparable to this last bubble.

This is the Everything Bubble: the bubble in every major asset class (stocks, housing, corporate debt, municipal debt, etc.)

Some of the more egregious signs of froth/ financial excess.


And the Fed believes it can somehow tackle inflation… AND dissipate this bubble without blowing things up?

Ok, I’ll bite.

Inflation is at 8+%. The Fed has raised rates to 1%. It has yet to even begin shrinking its balance sheet. And stocks have done this:


What happens when the Fed is forced to raise rates to 5%? What happens when it tries to shrink its balance sheet by $1 trillion+?

You get the idea.

The Mother of All Collapses is coming.

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