American School Shootings Aren't A Gun Issue

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by Portfolio Armor
Friday, May 27, 2022 - 12:34
Michael Savage's high school rifle club in 1957.
Michael Savage's High School Rifle Club in 1957. 

What The Left Wants To Ignore About School Shootings

The latest school shooting in Texas (and the outrageous, apparent negligence of the local police) reflect the sad state of America today. The problem isn't gun laws: America has always had guns, but it hasn't always had school shootings like this. This point was made eloquently by a couple of commenters on Twitter, whose threads I've included below. Before that, a quick update on yesterday's post ("A Hedged Bet on Even Higher Natural Gas Prices"). 

A Hedged Bet On Natural Gas

In Thursday's post, I presented an optimal collar hedge that would give you a best case of a 75% gain by December, versus a worst case of a 25% loss. 

Scanning for an updated optimal hedge on Portfolio Armor using the same parameters as of Thursday's close, the maximum upside had declined to about 70%. Still an attractive risk-reward profile, but slightly less so. 

Now on to some excellent observations about how America's school shootings are a symptom of disturbing trends. 

We've Always Had Guns; We Haven't Always Had School Shootings

Here's the first of two excellent threads on this. 

And here's the second thread, offering some valuable historical details.


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