How Gold Can Jump $500/Oz. In Days, If Not Hours

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by quoth the raven
Saturday, Jun 04, 2022 - 13:35

Next week I’ll be returning from a semi-short break that I took this week from the blog, though I did pen one piece this week (and recorded a podcast that will be released at some point next week).

This week I wrote about how student loan forgiveness is not only terrible economic policy, but also terrible political strategy.

For once, I actually agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on something: Biden’s attempt to lure voters in with a $10,000 freebie is just plain pathetic.

Simply put, the idea of increasing spending right now, while the country is arguably in the worst financial shape it has ever been in, is simply unconscionable.

You can read my full thoughts on that piece here: The Sheer Stupidity Of Student Loan Forgiveness While Inflation Rages Out Of Control

Also, in anticipation of a piece I am working on for next week, you should give a read to when I think gold is going to jump $500/oz. in a matter of days, if not hours: Gold Could Spike By $500 When This One Event Happens

We are also still continuing to discuss what signs of a market bottom my readers are looking for. When will the Fed put kick back in? Leave your comments here.

Finally, you’re looking for some humor while you’re enjoying your summer weekend, you can watch Peter Schiff mercilessly ground Ross Gerber into a pulp during an argument about inflation here: "You Are Living In A Fantasy Land!": Peter Schiff Eviscerates Ross Gerber In Debate Over Inflation

Crypto also remains volatile, with Solana experiencing the same “growing pains” that many other altcoins are feeling as the Fed continues to put pressure on risk assets.

As I noted days ago, a reminder of Luna's total loss will "drag on" forever for Mike Novogratz. It should also serve as a crisp reminder to everyone else that blind conviction doesn't equate to investing acumen: The Guy With The Drag On Tattoo

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