Soros Minion Catches Monkeypox

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Tuesday, Jul 26, 2022 - 12:33
An AI's take on "Anthony Fauci Vaporwave Monkeypox"
An AI's response to the prompt, "Anthony Fauci Vaporwave Monkeypox".

A Pox On Soros's House

In our last post (Who Is Spreading Monkeypox), we mentioned Steve Sailer's essay on the parallels between the current Monkeypox epidemic and the AIDS epidemic of the '80s: 

In an important essay this week, journalist Steve Sailer wrote about the new Monkeypox epidemic, and pointed out the parallels between it and the AIDS epidemic. In both cases, the super spreaders have been promiscuous gays, and in both cases, the media and government have been hesitant to ask gays alter their behavior--ostensibly, out of concern for stigmatizing them, but in reality, out of fear of their power. 

Sailer had a brief follow-up post on that over the weekend. I've posted it in full below. Following that, a brief note on profiting from the pox. 

Authored by Steve Sailer at

Soros Minion Comes Down With Monkey Pox Celebrating Pride Month; You Are To Blame

Sebastian Köhn (He/Him), George Soros Open Society Foundations Division Director in sexual health, recounts in The Guardian:

I got monkeypox and it’s been a total nightmare

When New York Pride festivities kicked off I was aware that monkeypox was an emerging issue – especially for gay men – but … I had sex with several guys over the weekend.

Then a week later, on 1 July, I started feeling very fatigued. I had a high fever with chills and muscle aches, and my lymph nodes were so swollen they were protruding two inches out of my throat. …

I’m a 39-year-old man from Sweden, living in Brooklyn and working in philanthropy. For the past decade, my work has primarily focused on sexual and reproductive health and rights, so I followed the outbreak from the very beginning.

And then a whole bunch of Sorrows of Job happened to this 39 year old Swedish immigrant named Kohn living in Brooklyn and working for George Soros in sexual health, which must totally be the fault of the NYC health bureaucrats as opposed to him showing his New York Pride pride by having sex with several guys over the weekend.

Look, it’s not called Shame Month is it? So therefore everything he feels like doing should inculcate a sense of Pride in him and therefore it’s your fault if his self-indulgence results in anorectal lesions.

Profiting From The Pox

Since our leaders are repeating their AIDS tack of not trying to rein in the irresponsible individuals spreading this disease,

And they're eschewing the sort of lifestyle changes that might limit the spread of this disease,

We're left with America's preferred response: pharmaceuticals. On that score, we shared a Monkeypox play with you in a post a couple of weeks ago.  

That play was SIGA Technologies, Inc. (SIGA).:

Screen capture via Portfolio Armor on 7/12/2022.

Despite the pullback in petroleum over the last month three of Tuesday's top ten names were in that space: Helmerich & Payne, Inc. (HP), Occidental Petroleum Corp. (OXY), and Scorpio Tankers, Inc. (STNG). Two were in solar, including Daqo New Energy Corp. (DQ); three were in biotech, including the surging Monkeypox play SIGA Technologies, Inc. (SIGA).

Since then, SIGA has surged some more: up 20.6% since we mentioned it here (with all of those gains coming on Monday). 

It might be worth considering next time it hits our top names. 

Tuesday Afternoon Update

SIGA is up another 12% so far today. 

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