COMEX is a Ticking Time Bomb

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by Kinesis Money
Friday, Aug 05, 2022 - 12:08

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire is joined once again by Craig Hemke, founder of the TF Metals Report, to discuss the Fed’s refusal to accept the US is slipping into a recession. 


The two industry allies contemplate the approaching end of the COMEX’s confidence scheme, as investors wake up to widespread spoofing and join the mass exodus to fairer alternatives.


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00:00 Start

01:25 Craig Hemke & Kinesis’  “ gold and silver swindle” video soon reach 1M views!

04:35 About post-pandemic stagflation and reaching neutral GDP

08:30 The  US in recession, Powell in denial.

10:05 Game of short and long contracts

17:30 Never seen the house this long and the specs this wrongfooted!

21:15 JP Morgan is exiting its silver shorts

25:25 House account of Bank of America had been stopping gold contracts all year long

27:20 COMEX’s hedging mechanism is broken! 

31:10 The Confidence Scheme - people are waking up, exiting the space

34:45 EFPs  - how many tonnes have exited this month in gold?

38:55 Remember - physical, physical, physical…

41:40 It’s a PSYOP! What is the key to ending this scheme?

44:15 Don't go buying 100 shares of the GLD thinking you own physical gold.

48:25 Where can we find Craig Hemke? Join the community, protect yourself!

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